Hugo Messer – CEO of Ekipa

Hugo Messer - The CEO of Ekipa

I continually ask myself ‘what’s the most important thing I ought to do right now that has the biggest impact on achieving my life goals’ As I recall, Ayn Rand in her famous novel Ayn Rand said, “it is proper for a creator to have an unlimited confidence in himself and his ability, to feel […]

Deren Baker – CEO of Jumpshot

Deren Baker - CEO of Jumpshot

We listen to our customers and then build. Then, we listen and build again. Deren Baker is the CEO of Jumpshot, a well-funded, fast-paced, hardworking, and fun marketing analytics company. Through its marketing analytics product suite, Jumpshot offers businesses the most detailed and accurate view of their customers’ online lives: what they search for, what […]

Richard Hollis – Founder, Chairman and CEO of Holonis

Richard Hollis - Founder, Chairman and CEO of Holonis

To continually grow, evolve, learn, visualize, and to think great thoughts. Thoughts become things and you evolve to what you think. Therefore, I recommend to think big. The career of Richard B. Hollis has been filled with extraordinary challenges, vision, and accomplishments, spanning more than three decades and ranging from medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and […]