Monthly IdeaMensch Sponsorship

Do you have a product or service that you’d like to get in front of thousands of entrepreneurs?

IdeaMensch is a well known brand with an audience comprised of well over 25,000 entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life, which we hope to accomplish via our daily interviews and events where entrepreneurs share their stories. We’ve done over 1,200 interviews with folks ranging from Seth Godin, Craig Newmark, Gary Vaynerchuk and Nancy Brinker to a gentleman running a rickshaw business in Mumbai. It’s not about the idea, it’s about how you bring it to life. Speakers at our events have ranged from Kiva founder Jessica Jackley, Techstars CEO David Cohen, PandoDaily founder Sarah Lacy to Carl Blake – a pig farmer in Iowa.

[quote style=”boxed”]IdeaMensch is the most inspiring, potentially life altering couple of hours you can spend! I left feeling “without excuse” as to why my ideas CANNOT come to fruition! -Shannon Gaston[/quote]

While we are not a non-profit, IdeaMensch is a social enterprise that is created to make an impact in the life of entrepreneurs.

We only sell one sponsorship per month, as we want our sponsors to get maximum exposure in front of our audience. The goal isn’t to give you impressions, the goal to allow your brand to make an impression with our highly influential audience. As part of our monthly sponsorship, you will receive the following:

  • Top right sidebar banner
  • Top of interview, text link
  • Hello Bar message
  • Email Announcement (5,000+ subscribers)
  • 4 Sponsored Tweets (9,000+ followers)
  • Announcement to Facebook community (5,000+ fans)
  • One sponsored list post (customized by topic or geography)
  • 1 hour of consulting with IdeaMensch founder Mario Schulzke

Please note that we are very selective about the kind of sponsors that get featured on IdeaMensch. Due to the very deep level of integration that our sponsorships provide, in a way, we’re endorsing your product or service by featuring it to our audience.

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