Eric Pines

Eric Pines

For over twenty-four years, Eric Pines has been a trusted advocate and adviser to federal employees throughout the United States and Europe. Eric is currently a member of the Maryland, California, and Texas State Bars and is presently in-house counsel for several federal labor unions. Outside of his legal profession,…

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Franci Neely

Eric Pines

Franci Neely is involved with many causes as a philanthropist and volunteer. Before focusing on philanthropy, Neely had a long and successful career in law. Franci Neely was a partner at Susman Godfrey, L.L.P. before retiring from actively practicing law. Her career in business litigation spanned more than two decades,…

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Saketh Devineni

Eric Pines

Saketh Devineni is an entrepreneur and a software engineer. Born in the south of India, in the city of Hyderabad, he was raised in the state of Maharashtra by his parents, who inspired and nurtured his innate entrepreneurial spirit. Saketh’s mother is a designer with her own design studio. His…

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David Nettles

Eric Pines

David Nettles of Houston is the Owner and founder of Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting. This firm specializes in tax reduction, value analysis, and real estate valuation and research. His company uses advanced software, private market data, and incomparable negotiating skills with the appraisal boards. Mr. Nettles offers personalized…

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Bahira Shami

Eric Pines

“Never settle, go for the best” are words Bahira Shami’s father has often said to her over the course of her lifetime. These words have helped define her as a person, as well as what she strives for in her professional and personal life. Bahira has been in the beauty…

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Costa Bajjali

Eric Pines

Costa Bajjali is a real estate broker and developer in the Houston, Texas area. He is the President and co-founder of IDM Partners, as well as IDM Realty Group, LLC. He has a broad business background. Costa is originally from Jerusalem. His family moved to Jordan when he was an…

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