Marcus Lanznar

Marcus Lanznar

Marcus Lanznar is a healthcare technology and services executive with over 15 years experience across product, operations, and sales. He is currently Senior Vice President of Product at Signify Health, where he leads the advancement of Signify Health’s suite of products and services across in-home care, advanced healthcare analytics, and…

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Allison Bialas

NYC fashion marketing entrepreneur Allison Bialas understands the power of a great image. Growing up in a family of photographers, she learned from an early age how to capture and create beautiful images. This led her to start her own fashion marketing business, where she helps brands create compelling visual…

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Lyde Spann

Marcus Lanznar

Lyde Spann, the Founder and CEO of netamorphosis, a digital branding and marketing growth agency, is passionate about helping companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations realize their full potential in the digital economy. netamorphosis was founded on Lyde Spann’s collective 18 years of experience as the head of digital and omnichannel operations…

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Erin McConaghy

Marcus Lanznar

Erin (Morgan) McConaghy began teaching movement-based development classes for children 0-6 years old in Tribeca’ over 15 years ago, creating curriculum and leading staff training. After receiving her AMS Montessori certification in 2009 Erin co-created a Montessori based pre-preschool program in downtown Manhattan, focusing on observation of little ones ages…

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Daniela Fifi

Marcus Lanznar

Daniela Fifi graduated in May of 2020 from Teachers College, Columbia University with a doctorate in Education focused on Art and Art Education. Originally from the Caribbean, Daniela had previously worked at the National Museum and the Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago (NMAG) as a Cultural and Heritage Assistant,…

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Nadya Okamoto

Marcus Lanznar

Nadya Okamoto is a 23-year-old Harvard graduate. In early 2020, Okamoto co-founded August, a lifestyle brand working to reimagine periods. As the Today Show describes, “August is a growing online community aiming to “re-imagine and redefine the period experience to be powerful and dignified,” with members who engage in conversations…

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Wayne Sturman

Marcus Lanznar

Wayne Sturman is a software engineer based out of New York City, New York. Wayne graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. After that, he continued on at RIT and earned a Master of Science in Software Engineering. Upon…

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Rob Carducci

Marcus Lanznar

Robert Carducci is a seasoned and in-demand advertising creative director who has won nearly every major industry award during the course of his career. He has worked in advertising agencies the world over, from New York to Los Angeles to Amsterdam. A former instructor at the School of Visual Arts,…

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