Adam Xavier – CEO and Co-Founder of RoadLoK

Adam Xavier - CEO and Co-Founder of RoadLoK

Without a network, large-scale success and growth are much more difficult, if not impossible. Adam Xavier is the co-founder and CEO of RoadLoK, the world’s leading motorcycle anti-theft immobilizer, patented in 2008. RoadLoK quickly drew attention for it’s unique product and its ability to corner the market through intellectual property rights. Further establishing itself as […]

Christian Plagemann – Founder of Classic Trader

Step away from your daily business and talk to your staff and the real people surrounding your business. Christian Plagemann is one of three founders and Managing Directors of the Classic Trader GmbH. The extremely classic car enthusiast is responsible for sales, customer support and cooperations at . In the past 5 years, the […]

Lily Tran – Founder of BoxUp

[quote style=”boxed”]I would have spent more time learning about marketing and allocating more resources to it. It is no use having great products and services if people can’t find you.[/quote] Lily Tran isn’t an ordinary entrepreneur. After returning from Africa where she worked on sustainability projects, the Columbia University graduate set out to change an […]

Sune Diernaes and Jesper Jarmann – Founders of HELMMATE

[quote style=”boxed”]Understand what motivates your customers by talking to them.[/quote] Sune Diernaes and Jesper Jarmann are both passionate bikers and where both annoyed with carrying around their helmets when not riding their bikes. At the time in management consulting positions and with waaaay to little real “dirt” on their hands, they decided that this “helmet […]

Antonio Ferreira – Founder of CARNORAMA

[quote style=”boxed”] 1.Collect 2.Organize 3.Process 4.Review 5.Act [/quote] Born in Portugal, but partially raised in Surrey and London. Antonio Ferreira is a self-proclaimed automotive, trend and football enthusiast. He is a globally recognized automotive industry expert with almost two decades of experience, regularly sought out for his fresh perspective and brutally-honest style of automotive consulting. His recent focus […]

Scott Guilbeault – CEO of G-Force Shipping

[quote style=”boxed”]Don’t second guess yourself, believe in your ability and business one hundred percent.[/quote] G-Force Shipping  Scott Guilbeault CEO, Scott Guilbeault founded the Norwell, MA based company in 2009 and has deployed an industry leading, 3rd party logistics (3PL) company for LTL freight, FTL freight, and comprehensive logistics solutions. Guilbeault has more than 20 years in […]

Ryan Williams – Co-founder of Fidelis PPM

[quote style=”boxed”]Work tirelessly day and night for as long as you have to and make sure your product or service is the best on the market. [/quote] Ryan Williams started in the car business as an intern for Lexus in 1995. He has held automotive internships every year in F&I, retail and at the manufacturer level […]

Bryan Weschler – CEO and Co-founder of 2 College Brothers

[quote style=”boxed”]Write them down. After you have an idea written down, analyze it and contemplate about it. Then speak to someone close to you who understands you and your thought process. I usually go to my brother for this. Last but not least, go out and execute your plan.[/quote] Bryan Weschler was born and raised […]

Tony Summerville – Founder and CEO of Fleetio

[quote style=”boxed”]Find a co-founder. It was just me when I started the business and it’s very tough to build a product-based business by yourself.[/quote] Tony Summerville is the founder and CEO of Fleetio, an easy to use web-based software platform that helps businesses effectively manage their vehicles & drivers. Tony is a passionate software entrepreneur […]