Adam Xavier – CEO and Co-Founder of RoadLoK

Adam Xavier - CEO and Co-Founder of RoadLoK

Without a network, large-scale success and growth are much more difficult, if not impossible. Adam Xavier is the co-founder and CEO of RoadLoK, the world’s leading motorcycle anti-theft immobilizer, patented in 2008. RoadLoK quickly drew attention for it’s unique product and its ability to corner the market through intellectual property rights. Further establishing itself as […]

Christian Plagemann – Founder of Classic Trader

Step away from your daily business and talk to your staff and the real people surrounding your business. Christian Plagemann is one of three founders and Managing Directors of the Classic Trader GmbH. The extremely classic car enthusiast is responsible for sales, customer support and cooperations at . In the past 5 years, the […]

Lily Tran – Founder of BoxUp

[quote style=”boxed”]I would have spent more time learning about marketing and allocating more resources to it. It is no use having great products and services if people can’t find you.[/quote] Lily Tran isn’t an ordinary entrepreneur. After returning from Africa where she worked on sustainability projects, the Columbia University graduate set out to change an […]