Melissa Muldoon – La Studentessa Matta


Interact in social media. Set up a blog site and engage your customers. Set up Instagram and Twitter accounts and post information frequently that is useful and interesting to your clients. Melissa Muldoon is “la studentessa matta” the crazy linguist! She promotes the study of Italian language and culture through the blog “Studentessa Matta” and […]

Jasper Mutsaerts – Founder of Bohemian birds

[quote style=”boxed”]Collect. Connect. Conquer. Collecting ideas through brainstorm sessions. Connecting to people that are able to execute the ideas. Conquering customers to bring ideas to “real” life.[/quote] Jasper Mutsaerts is a creative entrepreneur, world traveler and public speaker with a passion for his one main purpose in life: help people empty their bucket list. Jasper […]

Raj Patel – Founder of Explora

[quote style=”boxed”]Hard work. It’s a cliche but it seems to be the thing that gives you the best chance for success. [/quote] Raj Patel founded Explora, a smartphone rental service for travellers visiting the United States. He is a lifelong travel enthusiast, former lawyer, investment banker and die hard rugby fan. Recently launched, Explora delivers a […]

Jurgen Himmelmann – Co-founder of The Global Work & Travel Co.

[quote style=”boxed”]The most important lesson I learned was that you need to start somewhere, no matter what you want to do with your life. Rather than thinking a job opportunity is beneath you, take an opportunity to get yourself in the door. Show what you can do.[/quote] Jürgen Himmelmann is the director and co-founder of […]

Matt Cook – Co-founder of Vacations Made Easy

[quote style=”boxed”]First, get buy-in from the team; then, keep them focused to get it done. Don’t allow them to get caught chasing rabbit trails.[/quote] Matt Cook is the co-founder and operations manager of Vacations Made Easy. After 20 years of experience, Matt lives and breathes Internet marketing and is passionate about building systems that are […]

David Chait – Co-founder and CEO of Travefy

[quote style=”boxed”]User stories! Nothing brings an idea to life like writing out a narrative of how and why someone would use your tool. Wireframes and technical specs are important parts of the “building” process, but user stories make it real and functional.[/quote] David Donner Chait is the co-founder and CEO of Travefy, a group travel […]

Diana Isac – CEO and Co-Founder of Winerist

[quote style=”boxed”]Go out there and push your limits. The more you stay in the comfort zone the more complacent you become.[/quote] Diana Isac is the CEO and Co-Founder of Winerist, the first global fully integrated wine travel platform. Winerist gives travelers access to informative travel guides as well as the opportunity to book experiences, tours […]

Heddi Cundle – Founder of myTab

[quote style=”boxed”]Anyone who says they’d not change a thing must be insane since why would you want to make the same mistakes twice when you now know the answer? [/quote] Heddi has 19+ years of PR & Marketing experience – from travel and hospitality to TV, consumer retail, technology and music. Her credentials include co-launching […]

Barbora Nevosadova – Co-founder of

[quote style=”boxed”]”…learn to be more patient and stop to think before [you] jump into doing things right away.”[/quote] Barbora Nevosadova is a co-founder of travel planner and visual flight search engine In her work she combines two of her passions – traveling and online marketing. She loves traveling without a travel agency and […]

Ten Summer Reads For Entrepreneurs

[quote style=”boxed”]”…pick out your vacation spot, pack a few books from our summer reading list, and head out on your first entrepreneurship vacay.”[/quote] My daughter will start Kindergarten this fall. She hasn’t been to daycare before, so she’s attending a month-long summer kindergarten readiness course and she brought home her first library book this week […]

Henk Jan Bijmolt – CEO of Suggestme

[quote style=”boxed”]”A good night’s sleep can do wonders, let your idea settle, even if you want to get started straight away.”[/quote] Henk Jan Bijmolt graduated in 2001 from the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen with a degree in Commercial Economy. During his study he was active in the internet industry, and after his graduation he launched, […]

How To Turn Creative Ideas Into Revenue

[quote style=”boxed”]”…we keep our overhead as low as possible. Call it bootstrapping or call it Lean – we call it ‘keep it in the bank.’” – Shannon Hughes, Spur Studio[/quote] Okay, you’ve got your great idea. You’re taking action. The ball is rolling. Your bank account is dwindling. You need to keep yourself fed, clothed, and […]