Jim Schraepfer – Co-founder of TripHuddle

[quote style=”boxed”]You really have to force them into existence. Things aren’t going to just happen on their own.  You’re going to have to take your idea and sell it to people constantly.  I’m not just talking about hype. I mean honestly convincing others that whatever you’re working on is a sound concept and that it […]

Jason Batansky – Founder of Locationless Living

Jason Batansky has worked as an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. At 23 years old he is earning a six-figure income as a location independent professional traveling throughout the world in style, working 20-odd hours a week running 3 web-based businesses. He is the founder of Locationlessliving and FlashpackerGuy.com, both travel sites that discuss the realities […]

Mehmet Cihangir – Founder of Wizard Istanbul

[quote style=”boxed”]To emphasise: I fail till I succeed, so I love this cliché: “you can’t win if you don’t play!”[/quote] Mehmet Cihangir is the Founder of Wizard Istanbul –  an online business developer, social media expert and Istanbul lover. As founder of Web Girisim, a tourism-based online business consultancy firm, he creates and executes online […]

Nicholas Wood – Founder of Political Tours

[quote style=”boxed”]Trusting the ethnic Albanian guerilla who told us where to put our armored vehicle during a lull in fighting during this six month conflict.  One minute later,  it was in flames, and we were hiding in a ditch. A ton of lessons came out of this one including many about my unsupportive employers at […]

Chris MacPhee – Founder of Suburban Camping Company

[quote style=”boxed”]We love old things done in new ways. We recently read about a milk company in NYC that is bringing back the classic milk bottle delivery service to customers in urban areas. Love the idea of cultivating a modern way of doing something based on something classic. Nostalgia is a huge trend right now […]

Ryan Pasco – Founder of HolidayCrowd.com

[quote style=”boxed”]Other entrepreneurs. My Parents. Anything with an engine.[/quote] Ryan Pasco launched HolidayCrowd.com in 2011 at the age of 20. Ryan was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to Poland before finally ending up in the UK. Ryan started his first business at school, when iPhones first came about. As a result of high demand, […]

Tom Bodkin – Co-Founder of Secret Compass

Before co-partnering the cutting edge expedition company, Secret Compass, Tom Bodkin spent 6 years as an Officer in The Parachute Regiment.  During his Army career, Tom worked in Africa on multiple occasions.  He also worked in the humid rain forests of Brunei and is a qualified Jungle Warfare Instructor.  Tom saw active service in Afghanistan in 2008 […]

Brittany Laughlin – Co-Founder of gtrot

Brittany Laughlin is the co-founder of gtrot, a social travel company working to make travel planning easier. The company improves travel serach by connecting users with friends who have been to their destination. gtrot aims to the be the social platform between travel and social networks, providing the best experience before and during your trip. […]