Unicorn Rollerblades T-Shirt

One of the things that you asked for when we asked you what you’d like to see in a future t-shirt was to solve a real problem.

We thought long and hard about that request, considered feats like eliminating poverty and finding more convenient ways to administer birth control. We kept coming back to one thing.

Unicorn transportation.

How can we empower unicorns to move more freely without clogging up our beautiful freeways or using any more natural resources that could be employed otherwise? That is the problem we tried to solve. And solve we did.

Unicorn Rollerblades.

So in honor of our genius, you can now buy our IdeaMensch  Unicorn Rollerblades t-shirt. It’s $20, plus $5 for shipping (whether you buy one or 400, shipping is always $5). All shirts are made by American Apparel (color = asphalt) , and were printed by former gang members at Homeboy industries who you’re supporting with every shirt you buy.

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All of our t-shirts were designed by the super awesome and talented Christiane Holzheid.

Girls love unicorn rollerblades