14 Reasons Entrepreneurs Love Evernote

Here at IdeaMensch we love stuff that makes our lives easier. As hustling entrepreneurs anything we can leverage to save a few moments throughout the day becomes very valuable. That is why we love Evernote.

Our days are often busy, and our nights often long. We don’t have time to search for that one article we read during breakfast, or the idea we came up with at midnight. Evernote has solved this problem for us.

Evernote has allowed us to organize our ideas. It has provided us a platform to store and share any idea, picture, document, or moment anyplace at anytime. The days of writing notes in a notebook that we search endlessly to reference are over. Move over flash drives, Evernote is here to stay.

The beauty of Evernote is its versatility. It is not only for business people, Evernote caters to anyone trying to capture an idea for future reference.

We sure love Evernote.

But more importantly, so do many of our interviewed entrepreneurs. Check out what they have to say.

1. Detavio Samuels – President of GlobalHue-Detroit

“Evernote is one of the best things to ever happen to me because it allows me to store and access everything I want, any time I want it. Every idea, every thought, every note, every article and every presentation is never more than a phone or tablet away from me.”

2. David Dye – Founder of Trailblaze

“This is the one program I do not know what I would do without if it ever goes away. Evernote is my digital brain. I use it to collect information about different topics, keep notes from client conversations and seminars, scan magazine articles, clip websites, draft articles and blogs. I love it because I deal with vast quantities of information and Evernote keeps it organized, searchable, and manageable.”

3. Paresh Shah – Founder and Ceo of Glimpulse

“Finally, something that works to capture, access, and share my ideas and thoughts, wherever I am.”

4. Joshua Siler – Founder and CTO of HiringThing

“I store everything in Evernote, including business cards, receipts, notes and other stuff. Having a huge personal searchable database with me at all times let’s me stop trying to remember trivia.”

5. Matthew Goldfarb – Professional Copywriter

“It’s an idea person’s dream. Basically, it allows me to record everything. I have a lot of ideas and a lot of projects going on at once, and it’s easy for things to get lost. With Evernote, I can create notebooks and throw ideas into them. I also love it for books, as I can take photos or screenshots of things I read and keep them organized for future use.”

6. Matt Clark – Founder of Matt Clark

“ I love Evernote for taking notes online (forget multiple Word documents!); it has an iPhone/iPad app that I use for taking/reading notes/ideas while in the gym or out and about.”

7. Stephany Zoo – Co-Founder of BUNDSHOP

“My brain fragments, my thoughts splinter and Evernote is the perfect place to piece them together. I’m natural superfluous with my words but they never overflow in Evernote (yes, I have had to buy the premium version).”

8. Paul Chittenden – Co-Founder of JobKaster

“ Evernote is absolutely the best note taking app in the world. Any idea, interesting article, or picture can be sent directly to Evernote. You can then search Evernote by keyword or by tag to find your notes. It’s awesome!”

9. Matt Hunt – Founder of Stanford and Griggs

“This application has single handedly kept me from going crazy. As a writer, I use the Mozilla Evernote plug-in to collect web pages and posts and organize them by topic or chapters in my book. As an entrepreneur, I use the Evernote app on my phone to capture my notes and follow-ups from each meeting I am at. No more scribbles in a notebook or lost post-its!”

10. Frank DeBlasi – CEO and Co-founder of Hoopla Doopla

“No business owner should be without this tool. Evernote lets you store notes, ideas, web pages, videos, images, just about anything you want to save and remember. The beauty of it is it lets you do it quickly and forget about it for later reference, so you can immediately resume what you were doing.”

11. Julie Clow – Author of The Work Revolution

“It would have been impossible to write my book without Evernote. I set up a notebook for each of my core ideas and chapters. I could add any article or website that related to it, no matter when/where I came across it, thanks to the Chrome extensions and Android app. When I sat down to write a chapter, all of my ideas, research and articles were there and ready to go.”

12. Colin Wright – Founder of Exile Lifestyle

“Evernote. I like having all of my writing and notes synced and available from any computer, any device, anywhere. This is one of those free services I’ll continue to gladly pay for because it’s something I wish I would have invented and it helps me stay so organized.”

13. Jenny Blake – Author, Blogger, Life Coach and Speaker

“Evernote. Can’t live without it! It helps me track ideas and tasks across all my gadgets. I have a notebook called “Watch/Do/Read” that serves as a nice bucket for things I want to come back to later.”

14. Jeffrey Vocell – Co-Founder of Trendslide

“Evernote. Handy for note-taking, to do lists, and clipping articles off the Web that I want to later read. This is one of the tools I use all the time and has really made life easier.”

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