James King – Founder and CEO of PowaBand

I think it was James Joyce that said: "Mistakes are the portals of discovery." You make a whole load of mistakes, learn loads, and get ready to make a whole load of new ones. James King is the founder and CEO of PowaBand. Previously a UX Designer, … [Read more]

Sean Dudayev- Co-Founder of InsureChance

The digital consumer wants to be educated. If you can provide them with knowledge, you can earn their trust and their business. This cost us nothing more than sweat equity. Sean Dudayev is the Co-Founder of InsureChance Inc. An online life … [Read more]

Q Manning – CEO of Rocksauce Studios

Everything you do leads to where you are. Make any change, and everything can collapse. It’s the butterfly effect. Sure, I wish I’d had more business savvy back in the day or that I’d had more sales capability during the company’s first few years, … [Read more]