Je Wan (David) Jun – Founder and CEO of Aire

It’s important for people to be passionate. Ask yourself, “What gets me excited about waking up every morning?” Keep that passion alive and follow your heart. Other essential qualities are integrity, a positive attitude and perseverance. David Jun … [Read more]

Damon Burton – Founder of DABEmpire

In a world where everyone is oversold and exposed to advertisements at every turn, I often find that the best way to sell is not to sell. Simply, communicate. Damon Burton began his career as an entrepreneur back in 1999 when he was exposed to web … [Read more]

Molly Bradford – Co-founder of GatherBoard

Don’t ruin good with perfect. That’s not to say don’t go for Great and Awesome regularly. However, if we’re developing a new feature or trying to close a deal, and we bend too far or develop too far, we’re either compromising our core ethic just to … [Read more]

Hao Jiang – Co-founder of CookieCutterKingdom

Setting micro and macro level goals and taking the time to reflect against those goals periodically. It's incredibly easy to get swept up in the day-to-day, so having checkpoints has been vital in making sure we're being productive towards the right … [Read more]