Vinny Jurado – Founder of Five Star Entourage

As I look back on being an entrepreneur for the past couple years, my biggest leap in productivity and success happened when I realized the potential an individual has if he just believes in him-self and realizes you can do anything you want in this … [Read more]

Roberto Ugo – Co-Founder and CTO of Movvo

In the beginning, I lost a lot of time perfecting the product instead of selling it. I’ve learned that you need to start listening to your customers as early as possible. It all started when Roberto Ugo opened his first bank when he was 5 years … [Read more]

Cynthia Morneweck – Co-Founder of GPALearn

One strategy that has helped us grow is to stay nimble with our direction. The team will be focused to reach a targeted goal but also stays open to new information that might cause us to pivot or shift our path. This flexibility gives us the ability … [Read more]

Rudy Simondi – Founder of FLIPS

What helps me have a productive day is keeping myself incredibly organized and staying positive throughout the day. As a business owner, I’m always on my toes (in my flip flops, of course). With four decades in retail, FLIPS founder Rudy Simondi … [Read more]

Eric Gonchar – Founder of Gonchar Law

When I have an idea of how to bring in more business, I usually outline my thoughts in writing. Eric Gonchar was born in New York on March 13, 1959. His parents were loving and caring – his mother was an amazing cook and his father a great … [Read more]

B.J. Schone – Founder of Awesome Boss

If I were to start again, I would spend more time using the theory of “fail fast.” I would have tried more ideas, built more businesses, and taken more risks. B.J. Schone is the founder of Awesome Boss, which provides managers with simple tools to … [Read more]

Jesse Dundon – CEO of Hathway Mobile Agency

Make sure you laugh, and try to get the people around you to laugh, too. This is equally important when things are tough as when they’re great. I once heard a quote that you can’t let success fuck up your fun. So be serious, but realize that most … [Read more]

Mathew Heggem – CEO of SUM Innovation

I recommend that overachievers occasionally break up with their to-do lists. It’s OK to say, “It’s over.” Let yourself go through these mini rebirths. Change is a part of life. Stop holding on to the things that don’t help you achieve your goals, and … [Read more]

Melissa Muldoon – La Studentessa Matta

Interact in social media. Set up a blog site and engage your customers. Set up Instagram and Twitter accounts and post information frequently that is useful and interesting to your clients. Melissa Muldoon is “la studentessa matta” the crazy … [Read more]