Paul Burke – Co-founder and CEO of Guru

As I mentioned earlier, I wake up everyday at 5 am (sometimes earlier). Being able to pack almost half a day’s uninterrupted work in before everyone else starts their day really enhances my productivity. Guru CEO and co-founder, Paul Burke, has … [Read more]

Rand Hindi – Founder and CEO of Snips

Share your ideas, people won’t steal them! There is no better way to shape your thinking than by letting people impact you. Rand Hindi started coding at the age of 10, founded his first startup at 14 and created a web development agency at 15 before … [Read more]

Pierre Malou – Co-founder of StatsOne

I have made the choice to live remotely, away from the city, to maintain a balance between the pressure of the business life and the need for a slower, more meditative pace at home. By sticking to my daily routine, and allowing for a few hours each … [Read more]

Scott Yates – CEO of BlogMutt

Spend more time listening to customers and less time listening to venture capitalists (with apologies to my VC friends). Scott Yates is CEO of BlogMutt, the leading professional blog writing service for businesses and agencies. Scott, along with … [Read more]