Jay Olsen – Founder of Jobsite Unite

People will judge your capabilities based on your position, but your position doesn’t limit your capabilities. Jay Olsen has been around construction his entire life — you could even say it’s in his blood. Jay grew up in Leon, Iowa, and his dad … [Read more]

Maximo Cavazzani – Founder and CEO of Etermax

Success is created right at that point between ability and necessity. Both the ability to create and an eye for necessity are trained by doing. Maximo Cavazzani (29), creator of Trivia Crack and CEO of Etermax, has a degree in Software Engineering … [Read more]

Mark Hayes – Founder of Tiger Tiger

You are going to make mistakes. The important thing is to not be afraid to fail and to always learn from adversity. Mark Hayes is the founder of Tiger Tiger, a digital marketing agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. Over a year ago, Mark helped … [Read more]

Shawn Freeman – Founder of TWT Group

It’s only a failure if you don’t learn from it. In that case, I’d like to say I’ve never failed. I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve always learned something. Shawn Freeman is an entrepreneur, a personable geek, and the founder of IT services company TWT … [Read more]

T.J. Cook – CEO at CauseLabs

I help grow leaders around me. If I can build leaders, I know I’m becoming a better leader. T.J. Cook is CEO at CauseLabs. He facilitates team building and culture building as CauseLabs builds tools that impact people. He has helped design over … [Read more]

Jenny Q. Ta – Founder and CEO of Sqeeqee

  Do not be discouraged by failures. Stand up, brush it off and keep fighting. Jenny Q. Ta is the founder and CEO of Sqeeqee, the first-of-its-kind all-in-one social networthing site launched in 2014. Taking the Sqeeqee platform one … [Read more]

Travis Read – Creator of BeforeNow

I’m always trying new things and measuring the results. It’s so clear once you hear it. Whether it's advertising or testing features, you need to learn and pivot all the time. Travis Read is the creator of BeforeNow, a timeline creator application … [Read more]

Luigi Wewege – Founder of Vivier Group

This is going to sound overly simplistic but take the time to step away every so often even if it is a 30 minute walk and you will be pleasantly surprised as to what you can think through or of while being disconnected from work. Luigi Wewege is … [Read more]