Pierre Malou – Co-founder of StatsOne

I have made the choice to live remotely, away from the city, to maintain a balance between the pressure of the business life and the need for a slower, more meditative pace at home. By sticking to my daily routine, and allowing for a few hours each … [Read more]

Scott Yates – CEO of BlogMutt

Spend more time listening to customers and less time listening to venture capitalists (with apologies to my VC friends). Scott Yates is CEO of BlogMutt, the leading professional blog writing service for businesses and agencies. Scott, along with … [Read more]

Artom Konovalov – Founder of Corner

For me sleep is very important and once you lose it you start making bad decisions. Bill Clinton once said - “In my long political career, most of the mistakes I made, I made when I was too tired, because I tried too hard and worked too hard,” makes … [Read more]

Scott Monette – Founder of 100 Percent Wine

Learn how to sell, sell, sell. Sales are the oxygen of every business, and all of your employees are in sales. The more wine we sell, the more people we can help. Improve your pitch. Meet new customers. Always be ready to tell your story, even though … [Read more]

Trewin Restorick – Founder of Hubbub

That sense of curiosity helps create opportunities as sometimes you can see links or answers that aren’t obvious to others who have become embedded in their role or organisation. Trewin Restorick is the Founder of a new start-up charity called … [Read more]