Mike Spakowski – Founder of Atomicdust

The secret to making ideas come to life is having the discipline to do it. Discipline is the hardest part. More than 14 years after founding Atomicdust, a marketing and design agency, Mike Spakowski is actively involved in day-to-day brand … [Read more]

Chris Cutter – Founder and CEO of LifeDojo

Days are for execution. Nights are for brainstorming. Chris Cutter’s career-long passion has been to create effective behavior change ventures that can scale fast enough to curb the preventable health epidemics of our time. In his role as founder … [Read more]

Tim Johnson – Creator of ScriptLadder

My failure was more about putting off trying, with the usual mental excuses - not smart enough, rich enough, talented enough, well-liked enough, or tough enough to pull it off. All of which is BS and one day you finally realize there's absolutely … [Read more]