“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
– Walt Disney

Imagine a place where dozens of people come up with a bucket load of good ideas every day, most of which get squashed by other people (not consumers, I should say) who believe they know to be the judge of what ideas should live and die. Most die. Oftentimes even the really good ones. And the ones that survive, well, more often than not those ideas are so compromised that by the time they’re brought to life, consumers show absolutely no to very little interest in the ideas.

A place where great ideas are made to die?

Well, that place was Advertising for me.

My name is Mario and I am the founder of IdeaMensch. I spent a decade in various advertising management roles and grew increasingly frustrated by our collective inability to bring great ideas to life. I started looking for people and places where great ideas actually were brought to life. If even the most creative of industries couldn’t bring ideas to life, who could?

The answer was entrepreneurs.

I started emailing a bunch of entrepreneurs who I admired and asked them how they brought ideas to life. I always asked the same questions and always got different answers. With their permission, I published those emails as interviews. The people I interviewed then forwarded on the questions to entrepreneurs they admired. Five years later, we have done over 2,000 interviews with some pretty cool people ranging from Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Craig Newmark, Brad Feld, Nancy Brinker and a pig farmer in Iowa.

I learned the best teachers are entrepreneurs themselves. Not just the famous ones.  We all have something to teach, even if it’s a failure.

At some point, we decided to turn the interviews into a talk format. That format led to a road trip across America (http://im48.co). Three friends and I stepped into my Honda Element and hit the road. We ended up organizing  an event in every state, with hundreds of speakers and thousands of guests.  Mashable was kind enough to write about it.

Our goal is to help you bring your idea to life, by getting others to share how they did it.

We believe in entrepreneurs. And we believe in having values. Here are ours.

Create win/win/win situations

Every interaction should create a win/win/win situation. We want entrepreneurs to get some free PR. We want our readers to learn from our content. And we want to use that content to build a sustainable media property. We recently started putting together “best of” compilation books like this one and removed all external ads off our site.

Do things that are sustainable

We want IdeaMensch to be around for the next hundred years. So most of everything we do aims to be something that we can keep doing for a long time. That’s why we do our interviews via emails/form and why we allow for folks to pay to expedite their publish date.

Build a city, not a company

Even great companies will eventually cease to exist. But cities generally don’t. There are cities that have been around for thousands of years. Why? Because in the long-term, people aren’t invested in companies. But people are invested in the places they live. They give input. They have ownership of their communities. We want IdeaMensch to ultimately be a city. A place. A place you care about.

Like a Mensch

Mensch is the German word for human.  Being a Mensch actually means something. We want to be helpful, not just to famous entrepreneurs but all entrepreneurs.  We want to do good.  We want to act like a Mensch.

So if you want us to interview you, email us. If you’re not happy with one of our books, let us know and we’ll issue you a refund.

IdeaMensch is an open community created for people who bring ideas to life.

Thank you for being a part of our community.