24 Podcasts That Will Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur

At IdeaMensch, we’re obsessed with learning. The more we learn, the more we realize how much there’s still to learn. We’re always searching for better ways to digest actionable information and apply it to our lives, and one of our favorite ways is listening to podcasts. Our founder Mario is constantly listening to them – on bike rides, when walking to work, when going to sleep and when waking up. It’s quite ridiculous actually.

Podcasts provide a unique medium for experts to share insightful information in an often personal and conversational way. We get the opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” for deep conversations and good ideas. We love podcasts, and so do many people in our community of entrepreneurs.

So, we’ve asked our community of entrepreneurs what their favorite podcast is, and here are the responses.

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1. How I Built This

My favorite podcast is “How I Built This” with Guy Raz. This is a must listen for any entrepreneur out there. Guy interviews the who’s who of successful entrepreneurs. It’s interesting to hear how all entrepreneurs find a completely different path to success and a lot of times, have advice and efforts that contradict each other. My two favorite episodes are interviews with Manoj Bhargava, founder of 5-hour energy and with Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. They’re both super successful but almost anti-entrepreneurial in a sense. Listening to founders like them will help you have a mental shift and make you re-evaluate how you do things. If you’re out there trying to build anything, I highly recommend it.

Sean Dudayev, Founder of The Thinkers Tantrum


My favorite podcast is called “How I Built This” by NPR. I love the depth of creativity and willingness to try new things. My favorite episode is Joe Gebbia, founder of Airbnb. Every great thing comes from taking initiative and Joe Gebbia walks you through his journey of how his life presented him with opportunities.

In this case, Joe not only went with the flow but also took solid logical steps and hustled to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him. I truly enjoyed his story telling, and could almost visualize how he managed to pull it off. He takes you through the journey and carries you through every step that took him to the next.

Adnan Raja, Vice President of Marketing at Atlantic.Net


Currently, one of our favorite podcast is “How I Built This” by Guy Raz. He always has great guests that offer honest insight into the trajectory of their careers and businesses. We hope to be guest on his show, one day!

Mike Rahimzadeh + Andy Bilinsky of Lensabl


2. The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss show has actionable takeaways that make it irresistible to its more loyal listeners. Each episode, he deconstructs world-class performers from a wide array of areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more.

I love it because it’s produced so well. I have takeaways even from the more obscure guests that seem to have no relevance to my own life. It also touches on so many different subjects that allow me to improve other areas of my life and thus find a better work-life balance as a CEO.

Ryan Emmons, CEO of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water


I do have a very ample range of curiosity and when you get a good podcast that converges interesting and useful material, new ideas, and empowerment – well that’s a winner. In Tim’s podcasts, I do find this combination. Depending on the mood, I would suggest different ones to listen to, but you cannot go wrong when you select the one with Anthony Robbins. It’s amazing how this guy, whether you see (or hear) him in person, TV, Film, or podcasts, he just makes you feel so good!! What a marvelous gift he has!

There you go, a good place to get some knowledge and inspiration with amazing guests!

Samuel Strauch, Founder and Owner of Metrik Real Estate

3. Startup Podcast

I am a big fan of Gimlet Media’s podcast, StartUp. Creative entrepreneurs, who are willing to risk everything in order to start a business, are my heroes. I’m a firm believer of the American way and understand capitalism drives the economy. When one looks at the history and the success of supporting the American family, it is all driven by the entrepreneurs who were willing to risk it all on a dream. When America stops dreaming, America stops.

Lloyd Claycomb – Founder of United Builders Service

4,5,6. ProBlogger Podcast, Side Hustle School and Boss Files

I am a fashion blogger and a full-time marketing coordinator in Seattle. While I work in a corporate environment, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Creating a fashion blog is my entrepreneurial venture to build my own business, diversify my revenue, and of course, express my creativity. So while I commute to my day job, I use my time to learn more about my side hustle of blogging and building my corporate career. How do I do that? Podcasts! Below are my favorite podcasts that improve my blog and corporate ambitions.

1. ProBlogger Podcast

The ProBlogger Podcast is my holy grail for blog information. There is a wide range of topics that appeal to both beginner and experienced bloggers such as growing an email list, monetizing your blog, and creating content. Each episode has a defined topic so it’s easy to start anywhere and find the exact information you need.

2. Side Hustle School

Side Hustle School continuously gives me new business ideas and inspiration. This podcast expands my thinking about how I can turn my ideas into profitable business opportunities. Each episode is about 15 minutes long and gets to the valuable information right away (which I always appreciate). Finally, I feel motivated and inspired hearing about other people’s success!

3. Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

While I love hearing from small business and side hustle successes, I also value insights from major corporations. Boss Files features CNN’s Poppy Harlow interviewing some of the highest ranking CEO’s from companies like Starbucks, YouTube, and Spanx. There is always information in this podcast that can be applied to my corporate and blogging goals

Bailey Chauner, Fashion Blogger

 7. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This podcast offers quick, 5-10 minute bits of inspiration. Awesome way to start the day, especially while warming up to workout or on the subway. Running your own business is so mentally tough—these clips offer quick and impactful motivation to keep you in the best head space. It helps keep you focused on what you can control and what’s important. I recommend checking out “Focus On Possibilities” from April 7th—where you devote your energy will determine your whole day. What better place to put your energy than into possibility?

Adam Tau – Co-Founder of Miller Tau Financial Group

8. Startups For the Rest Of Us

This is a great podcast for solo entrepreneurs building businesses on the Internet. Rob Walling and Mike Taber have conversations about all kinds of issues very pertinent to solo digital entrepreneurs. Both guys are knowledgeable and authentic and I particularly appreciate that they give tons of practical advice – the kind of advice you can literally put into play after each episode. To start, listen to Things That Don’t Scale (And Why You Should Do Them) and 12 Rules For Building Your First Profitable Startup.

Mario Schulzke, IdeaMensch Founder


 9. BBC Business Daily Podcast

I listen to the BBC Business Daily podcast and think that it is one of the most authoritative podcasts out there. I like them because they are regular, happening daily; they cover a wide range of different subjects for example last week included ‘Trump’s 100-Day Report Card’, ‘Bluefin Tuna: Loved to Death’, ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘French Election: Macron versus Le Pen’. In this age of fake news, I know that the reports will be accurate and importantly non-biased. I have it to thank for my initial interest in renewables and I am now exploring another business venture which stemmed from a report they did on the US housing sector. I would highly recommend your readers to listen to a couple of podcasts and see whether they agree.

Raoul Fraser – Director of Alf Burn Hydro

10. The Nerdist

My favorite podcast is The Nerdist by Chris Hardwick and his two friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. The Nerdist is super familiar and – while chatting about life stories – it manages to be inquisitive for the accomplished guest but also funny and philosophical in a relatable way for the listener. Plus, Chris Hardwick is a smart, funny, and gracious host! It’s just a super enjoyable podcast that never gets old.

Hannah Davis – Founder of BANGS Shoes


11. The Entrepreneur Way

My favorite podcast is The Entrepreneur Way, hosted by Neil Ball. I like that it takes the everyday entrepreneur who faces real obstacles and dissects what each of them learned from their experiences. It’s real and has so many different lessons to be learned. The motivation of each podcast is to explore what actually caused each entrepreneur to be successful. It’s not giving you some template self-promotion, but rather it actually deals with real companies and real people.

I really enjoyed Episode 448 since it was by a film editor who worked on well-known projects and provided some fascinating points of view on working from your desk for long hours and making your culture part of your business.

Dan Roberge – President of Maintenance Care

12. The Business of Photography Podcast

Right now I really like The Business of Photography Podcast. Bryan Caporicci is great and the topics are exactly what any photographer needs to be thinking about. Accounting, pricing, bringing in new work, personal skills and more. As a photographer I couldn’t recommend it more!

Rocco Basile – Founder of Rocco Basile DIY


13. The Positive Phil Show

The Positive Phil Show is an excellent podcast. Here’s why. One of the toughest things to do is to keep a positive outlook no matter what is going on around you. However, studies have shown that optimistic people and people who can think positively live longer and have a much greater chance at success, in part because they realize failure is not the end, it’s just a hiccup. The entrepreneurs that Phil interviews believe just that. His guests are so positive, inspiring and successful. Any entrepreneur should listen to his podcasts.

Zondra Wilson – Creator of Blu Skin Care


14. SaaStr Podcast

My favorite podcast right now is the SaaStr Podcast. The show brings on thought leaders in the SaaS space – either the CEO or someone who heads a key area of a SaaS business. The show is usually hosted by Harry Stebbings (who also hosts the 20 minute VC podcast) and sometimes Jason Lemkin, who in my opinion is the most insightful person in SaaS today. Between the two of their networks, I think they have their pick of the litter in terms of who you would want to interview on a show to cover a concept in SaaS. And because of Jason’s expertise, they know what the most important concepts are to cover. I’ve almost listened to all 90 or so podcasts, and when I finish, there is a decent chance I’m just going to start over at the beginning!

Steven Benson, Founder, and CEO of Badger Maps


15. Invisibilia

A science podcast about the “invisible” parts of us – our feelings, reactions, ideas. Hosted by three engaging women it is a combination of powerful storytelling and hard science. I always learn something about human behavior, and when your job is to sell your product to people, that is invaluable.

Samar Shaheryar, Co-Founder, Baby Hero


16. Dreamcast Podcast

I love the Dreamcast podcast series by Daniel Budzinski, as they are inspiring in a unique manner. He finds tremendously successful people to share their stairway to success, and his interviews incorporate very personal stories from each interviewee that make them true role models to follow.

His Podcast episodes allow us to share and compare our own paths from dreams to reality; from people who not only dreamt of doing great things in the face of great adversity but actually did it!!

These podcasts are personally inspiring and aspirational to me each day.

Rod J. Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S.

17. Bulletproof Radio

Bulletproof Radio, is a podcast all about streamlining your life and becoming the best version of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Each week, Tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey brings the knowledge of doctors, biochemists, nutritionists and meditation experts to help listeners find his acclaimed “bulletproof” state within ourselves. Bulletproof Radio provides information, techniques, and keys to taking control of and improving your biochemistry, your body and your mind so they work in unison, helping listeners execute at levels far beyond what they would expect, without burning out, getting sick, or allowing stress to control decisions.

Nick Yates – Founder and Chairman of Generation NEXT Franchise Brands

18. Built on Purpose Podcast

My favorite podcast that has offered me useful and inspiring content is the Built On Purpose podcast, hosted by Y Scouts co-founder Brian Mohr. I love Brian, and I love his guests. From CEO’s to an internationally known rock star to respected HR executives, this podcast covers the gamut of business issues and life enjoyment. If you’re going to tune into the podcast, I’d recommend starting with Eric Severson,
Former Co-CHRO & Senior Vice President, Gap Inc., who talks about some incredible workplace issues and employee engagement tactics.

Brett Farmiloe, CEO of Markitors

19. Here’s the Thing

I’m obsessed with learning, and so listening to podcasts has become a truly enjoyable way to spend my time. I travel frequently and I’ve found I enjoy listening to podcasts while I’m on a plane even more than watching a movie. I also like listening to podcasts on long walks, just letting my mind absorb a variety of topics. One podcast that stands out is called “Here’s the Thing” with Alec Baldwin. I am a curious person by nature and enjoy getting to know people—their passions, what inspires them, how they grew up and how that has informed their life’s journey. This podcast series presents honest conversations with people. Everyone from artists to politicians. It is very inspiring.

Chris Burch, Founder and CEO, Burch Creative Capital


20. The Pitch

The only one I follow is The Pitch. The episodes are about the real discussions that founders and entrepreneurs have to deal with on a daily basis. Such as raising money, identifying your target, learning how to turn ‘no’s’ into ‘yes’s’, etc. I liked the Worthix episode (episode 30) and would recommend this one to get started. This episode has the innovator and the investor speaking in lock-step, allowing the relationship to truly excel, which is a great example for an introvert (like me). Also, this episode talked about disruption, which is critical as a start-up and defining your go-to-market strategy.

Paul Kraus, CEO of Eastwind Networks

21. Hardcore History

It’s a tough choice but after some thinking, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History made the cut. The podcast goes deep into the human experience of history and pulls out perspectives that history books and education systems never revealed. From the Mongol Horde to the Cuban Missile Crisis, History buffs and non-history buffs will find it hard to stop listening. While sometimes the grotesque nature of humanity shines through in Dan’s content, you find that his podcast inspires introspection and an appreciation of history.

Ryan Watson – Strategist at onXmaps

22, 23, 24. The Master Algorithm, Deep Learning and the Future of AI, and Casual Inference

Growing up I loved math and computer science. In graduate school, I took courses on mathematical algorithms while taking medical school classes. Sadly back then, computer algorithms couldn’t add value to a wide variety of potential places in medicine. Over the last 5 years, I have been blown away with the progress made in making learning systems, and teaching them to learn. I believe this is going to have impact broadly for society and in healthcare faster than any imagine. These days I have re-engaged my former love and have found listening to podcasts a great way to remain current.

YouTube, of course, has many, but a few of my favorites that provide a good overview for getting into deep learning are those three.

Jim Tananbaum, CEO of Foresite Capital