An Update for our Community

Over the past couple of weeks, you have hopefully recognized our new design. We have been busy here at IdeaMensch, and are about to get even busier – in a really good way.

As you may or may not know, my name is Mario Schulzke, and I am the founder of IdeaMensch. I started the site about a year ago, and have been absolutely amazed by the response we have received. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of night (usually because my cat is hogging about 3/4 of the bed sheets), think about the day ahead on IdeaMensch and just shake my head in amazement by the kind of people we have been able to interview. Famous people like Seth Godin and Craig Newmark, but just as impressive, many entrepreneurs, authors and activists who are changing whatever part of the world they are operating in.

During the day, I run the digital strategy group at an awesome ad agency called WONGDOODY. I am going to work there a little less over the coming months to focus a bit more on IdeaMensch. So rather than spend 2 hours per week on this site, I am going to spend 20. Or maybe 40, we’ll see.

I am making this public as I firmly believe that declaring a goal is the first step in bringing it to life. Here is what we have planned:

  • More great readers. We currently have about 4,000 monthly unique readers. I want that number to be 10,000 in December, 50,000 by next May and 100,000 by the end of next year.
  • More great interviews. So far, most of our interviews have actually come to us. There are hundreds of people who we admire greatly and we are going to reach out to them and get their interview on here.
  • More great content. I want us to start producing some really good editorial content for our blog. Some of that content will come from our team, while other content might come from guest bloggers. Actually, I just got off the phone with Derek Johnson and he will start contributing video content on a regular basis. I am jazzed about having him do that. Who else wants to contribute great content? If so, email me at mario at
  • More community. So far, we have our site, our Facebook page and our Twitter channel. Early next year, I want to start throwing some IdeaMensch sponsored events. We’ll start in Los Angeles and then expand to more places across the US and then throughout the world. Having an online community is great, but I am super excited about the prospect of getting some of our ¬†passionate interviewees and readers in the same room.
There are more things cooking here at IdeaMensch. But I don’t want to overpromise and then underdeliver.¬†Regardless, I’ll keep all of you posted on our progress and thank you for all your support.
Keep bringing those ideas to life.
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