Bryan Laskin

The best innovations come by creating solutions to problems you know well.   Bryan Laskin, DDS is the founder of Lake Minnetonka Dental in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Along with founding his dental practice, Dr. Laskin has started several technology companies to aid healthcare practices including a HIPAA compliant communication…

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Arpitha Sylvester

Be obsessed with what you do! Have a positive mindset and make it happen for yourself. Always remember, where there’s a will, there’s always a way.   Arpitha Sylvester is a graphic and website designer who is passionate about helping female biz owners. She’s on a mad mission to help…

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Matt Holmes

Focus on your customer’s bottom line from day 1.   Matt “Handshakin” Holmes is an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and world record holder. As founder of, he has shaken hands with US Members of Congress, billionaire entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists on the Handshakin Video Series. is dedicated to…

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Peter Selmeczy

Content is nothing without passion. If you don’t enjoy writing about a topic, you probably shouldn’t be writing about it.   Peter Selmeczy has always had a passion for getting hands-on and building things. What he didn’t imagine though, is that he’d be creating and running websites instead of machines!…

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Jennifer Yeko

Constantly be evaluating if the business you’re in is a good one.   Jennifer Yeko is the Founder of Ninja Recruiting. Where did the idea for your company come from? I was watching “Shark Tank” and someone was pitching a product and all the sharks agreed that ninjas were cool….

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Seth Worby

Take calculated risks. Be open to change. If you have big goals you need to take big steps to achieve them.   A natural entrepreneur since childhood, Seth Worby is the CEO of Newton, MA based digital marketing firm, Champ. Backed with a decade of experience in the SEM and…

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Jerry Hildebrand

Pursue your dreams and aspirations, and then figure out how to make them a reality.   Jerry Hildebrand has a varied and extensive background in public service, international and domestic community development and microfinance. He currently works as the director of the Social Impact Lab at Lynn University in Boca…

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Mihai Aperghis

Growth is hard, there’s no way about it. Fix problems as they arise, keep your core values close, and you’ll eventually weather the storm.   Mihai Aperghis is the founder of Vertify, a Romanian SEO agency with strong content marketing know-how. Starting out in SEO over 10 years ago, he’s…

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