Katrin Puetz – Founder of (B)energy

Katrin Puetz - Head and Heart of (B)energy

Running! I believe common practise can never lead to maximum productivity, because there is no common business. Being productive as an entrepreneur means having unusual ideas, the confidence to realize them and the strength to deal with the consequences. A clear mind and a fit and healthy body help to do this and running is […]

Omri Avisar – Founder of fewMinutes

Omri Avisar - Founder of fewMinutes

Use my own product and get as much user feedback as I can. That’s the best way to improve and move forward. Omri Avisar is the Founder and CEO of fewMinutes. fewMinutes is a time-sensitive smartphone app that delivers news articles filtered according to how long it takes to read them.  fewMinutes users can choose […]