What is the best book for entrepreneurs to read?

That’s a question we have asked over 3,000 of the most successful, diverse and awesome entrepreneurs from across the world. I’ve read dozens of books because of these recommendations, many of which I now count amongst my all time favorites. If you are an entrepreneur, then this is the only list you need to be inspired by. Because unlike all other “bestselling lists,” this one is literally the only one for entrepreneurs and by entrepreneurs. I don’t ask people for a bunch of good books they read, but rather just one.  Not the one that necessarily just came out, but the one that made the biggest impact on them as an entrepreneur – even if it was published 30 years ago.

The core value proposition of this list is that we believe in ranking quality (great books) over newness (new books), which is what traditional bestseller lists tend to do.

Here they are.

1Good to Great57
2The Lean Startup57
4The 4 Hour Work Week35
5The Hard Thing about Hard Things34
6How to Win Friends and Influence People33
7Steve Jobs33
8Think and Grow Rich33
9The E-Myth Revisited30
10The Tipping Point27
11The Alchemist26
12Delivering Happiness25
13Start with Why22
14The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People17
15Atlas Shrugged15
16Outliers: The Story of Success15
17The Innovator‰Ûªs Dilemma15
18Blue Ocean Strategy14
19Getting Things Done14
20The Art of The Start13
21The Power of Now13
22Zero to One13
23Crossing the Chasm12
24Founders At Work12
25Made to Stick12
26Rich Dad, Poor Dad12
27The Four Steps to the Epiphany12
55Who Moved My Cheese?10
32Predictably Irrational9
33The Black Swan9
34The Secret9
35Thinking, Fast and Slow9
36Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion8
37The War of Art8
38Creativity, Inc.7
40Getting Real7
41How To Get Rich7
42Man‰Ûªs Search For Meaning7
43Never Eat Alone7
45The 48 Laws of Power7
46The Art of War7
47The Richest Man In Babylon7
48Elon Musk6
49Mastering the Rockefeller Habits6
52The $100 Startup6
53The Power of Habit6
54The World is Flat6
56A New Earth5
57Business Model Generation5
58Crush it! 5
59Lean In5
60Losing My Virginity5
61Making Ideas Happen5
62Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard5
63The Checklist Manifesto5
64The Fountainhead5
65The Goal5
66The Purple Cow5
67The Thank You Economy5
69Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think4
71Built To Last4
72Exponential Organizations4
73Give and Take4
74High Output Management4
75Start Something That Matters4
76The Four Agreements4
77The Long Tail4
78The Magic of Thinking Big4
79The Monk and the Riddle4
80The One Minute Manager4
81The ONE Thing4
82The Power of Full Engagement4
83The Tao of Pooh4
84Tuesdays with Morrie4
85A Short History of Nearly Everything3
86Benjamin Franklin: An American Life3
87Born To Run3
90Contagious ‰ÛÒ Why Things Catch On3
91Cradle To Cradle3
92Crucial Conversations Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High3
93David and Goliath3
94Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons To Accelerate Your Startup3
95You Do You3
96Don‰Ûªt Make Me Think3
98Enders Game3
100Getting To Yes3

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