Kevin Gillespie

Kevin Gillespie is the co-founder of Headline Solar. The 33-year old Chicago native got his start in entrepreneurship in 2012 after bringing his drum invention to market. After that, he started Wax & Wick, a high-end candle company, in 2015. In early 2019 he helped launch Headline Solar in Illinois….

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Sal Alhelo

Sal Alhelo, PE, LEED AP (BD+C), the founder of EOS Labs, has nearly 15 years of energy management, engineering, construction and building operations experience. He has significantly contributed to the design of multi-billion-dollar hotels and casinos in Las Vegas as well as several healthcare facilities in Texas, and also managed…

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Alexandro Rovirosa

Be more proactive and less reactive in your organization.   Mr. Alexandro Rovirosa is the founder and CEO of Roma Energy Holdings, an Exploration and Production (E&P) company for the Oil and Gas Industry established in Texas. Alexandro Rovirosa has actively participated in the oil and gas industry in Mexico…

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Thor Kallestad

Stop and create time and space for your head frequently, in order to really think, and come up with meaningful insights.   Thor is a former Schlumberger Anadrill Field Engineer. He has worked extensively on the North Slope, in the North Sea and offshore Africa, in addition to numerous other…

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Rock Vitale

We all have shining stars over us to guide the way. Many never look up and notice them.   Rock Vitale has almost 40 years of analytical quality assurance experience. As the founder and a Principal of Environmental Standards, he oversees a staff of approximately 35 quality assurance chemists and…

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Dennis DeGrazia

Always listen to your inner self. Question everything and challenge yourself.   Dennis DeGrazia is a real estate developer who graduated from UMASS Dartmouth and still resides in Massachusetts. Since 2012, Dennis DeGrazia has been with and is now the President of Community Energy Services that works as the contract…

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Azim Lakhoo

Employ the best individuals you can in every area. They will not only make the organization better in terms of operations, but also contribute towards its growth, revenue generation, cost controls and innovation.   Azim Lakhoo is the Founder of Costal Resources in Calgary, Alberta. Azim moved to Calgary in…

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Kelly Bedrich

Trust your gut, but get input from those you trust also. Getting thoughtful feedback is really where the positive changes start to happen.   Kelly Bedrich is the co-founder of,, and President of Cypress Capital Ventures. He is an IT entrepreneur focused on acquiring, marketing, and improving retail…

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Jennifer Pearce

Never give up, believe in yourself and your mission. Plain and simple. Tenacity and perseverance ultimately win.   Jennifer Pearce is a fifteen+ year veteran of leading organizations, building and executing action plans that meet financial goals. She has held leadership roles in operational, financial and business decision support within…

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Steven Noske

Steven Noske was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia where he developed an interest and talent in math and science at a young age. From 1975 to 1980, Noske attended Haileybury College and went on to complete an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Melbourne, graduating in…

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