Roman Grigoriev

Great businesses don’t start with an idea or even a problem. Great businesses start with great founders and founding teams.   Entrepreneurship is part of Roman’s DNA. He never switches off his creative ideas and his relentless hunger to see them realised. Fluent in three languages, over 17 years of…

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Dan Doyle

Ambition isn’t nearly as important as hard work.   Daniel Doyle Pleasantville is a successful photographer based in Pleasantville, Ohio. With a deep background in portrait, event, wedding and landscape photography, he brings a sophisticated vision to the Ohio arts scene. Doyle grew up in Pleasantville and attended Ohio State…

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Can Ahtam

Go to events and shake hands. Carry your business card around and feel free to share with others. Share without the expectation that they will have work ready for you. Just share for the pure intent to connect and make a solid impression.   Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Ahtam has…

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Vince Griff

Be nice to people…Greet people with a smile, hold the door for someone, lend a hand to someone just getting started as a creative (we have all been there).   Griff Photography is an award-winning Chicago wedding photographer, providing unbelievable wedding and engagement photography, with a creative artistic style. He…

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Julie Fajgenbaum

Talk to your customers. It’s easy to keep the computer screen between you and your customers…I take every opportunity I can to talk to customers (and prospects) about their needs, hopes, desires, and experiences.   Julie Fajgenbaum is the Founder and CEO of Tweed Wolf, a NYC-based start-up launched in 2015….

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Lukas Dryja

Don’t underestimate the power of sharing your vision, goals, and strategy. Galvanize your team around your company’s vision, mission and values as early as you can.   Lukas Dryja, 35, is a design thinker, product strategist and entrepreneur. With a passion for building solution-oriented products, Dryja has ignited several successful…

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Logan Buehrer

Always be a good person, and if you’re being a good person and someone thinks you’re doing wrong, who cares what they say.   Logan Buehrer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for social marketing, photography, and e-commerce. Logan has built multiple companies from the ground up. He does…

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