Jenny You

As YOU. Group’s co-founder & former General Manager at Merlin Entertainments, Jenny You has spent over 12 years in the Hotel Industry prior to moving into Tourism Attraction Management. In hotels, every day started with data, and business strategy was firmly rooted in hard numbers and competitor benchmarks. After changing…

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Samantha Patil

Sam is the CEO and Co-Founder of Well Traveled, the first members-only social platform for travelers, foodies and adventure seekers. Prior to starting Well Traveled, Sam built her career in consumer tech and marketing where she led go-to-market strategies, international marketing and member monetization programs at some of the worlds…

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Alisha Chocha

With over a decade in the marketing industry, Alisha Chocha started her entrepreneurial journey a couple of years ago by co-founding Your Marketing People, a digital marketing agency. Just recently, she, along with another fellow female traveler, launched Roam Often, a travel and lifestyle eCommerce brand that sells travel jewelry…

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Katia Vlachos

Katia Vlachos is a writer, coach, and experienced expat. She writes on cross-cultural adaptation and the rewards and challenges of expatriate life. A global nomad by choice, Katia was born in Cameroon, raised in Greece, and spent two decades living and working in the US and various European countries. In…

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Suzanne Garber

Suzanne Garber Tech Entrepreneurs

Co-founder of Gauze, the world’s most comprehensive database of international hospitals that connects and informs the 1.4 billion international travelers annually, Suzanne Garber also directed and produced “GAUZE: Unraveling Global Healthcare” an award-winning, PBS documentary that highlights her journey to 24 countries, 174 hospitals and interviews with 65 healthcare experts….

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Akinda Johnson

Each journey, trip, or vacation you take is as unique as you, and Akinda Johnson believes that your outfit should be too. Akinda Co. transforms your outfit into an experience to compliment your travel. They design timeless, modern luxury to reimagine the travel wardrobe and inspire spontaneity. The design house…

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Navit Reid

Originally from the United States, Navit has a B.A. from Hampshire College with a triple major in ecology, photography, and ethnomusicology. She has 6 years of experience in scientific research and data analysis, particularly related to climate change. A wanderer ever since she picked up her first National Geographic at…

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Jennifer Sembler

Implement a calming and grounding morning routine to set the tone for your day and increase productivity.   Jennifer Sembler is the founder of Yemanya Travel, the inception of which combines her two biggest passions: healthy living and travel. Jennifer is a holistic wellness coach certified through the International Association…

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Marina Shumaieva

Time is not standing still, technology either. Get a new habit to study new online course in the industry you are working in every several months. Be up-to-date in your knowledge with the technology the rest of the world is already using.   Tech evangelist, experienced programmer, technical lead and…

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