Meet The People Who Bring IdeaMensch To Life

IdeaMensch couldn’t exist without the help of a number of amazing contributors. People who bring in interviews, people who draft our interviews, people who edit our interviews, people who submit awesome guests and people who help us with our media relations. We don’t have a management team, we don’t have a board of directors – just a bunch of amazing supporters who feel passionate about wanting to help people bring their ideas to life.


Mario Schulzke – Founder and ChiefDoerMensch

Mario runs the day-to-day business of IdeaMensch, which he founded after recognizing that most of his childhood heroes were entrepreneurs. He also runs the Digital Strategy practice at WDCW, does long-distance triathlons and manages his cat Otto’s  Facebook page. Mario gives talks and writes guest posts about the things he’s learned from doing 800+ IdeaMensch interviews. That and why Germans loves David Hasselhoff.

Anand Parameswaran – Operations Superstar

Anand started out as what some might call our virtual assistant. What sets Anand apart is that he truly cares about our community, that he doesn’t stop till he gets it right and that he gets it right way faster than Mario ever would. When he isn’t drafting interviews or organizing databases, Anand runs his own retail shop in Coimbatore. India where he sell fresh chickens, kitchen and insurance products.


Susie Newday – Interview Outreach & Coordinator

Susie does a lot of things. When she’s not finding amazing people to interview, editing posts or giving Mario her 2cents on anything and everything, she is an Oncology Nurse, a website administrator, a blogger, mother to five kids and a wife to one. She loves getting creative, connecting with people and sometimes she even cleans her house as well. You can find her at her blog New Day New Lesson or on World Moms Blog. One of these days she will even meet Mario in person.

Scott Carver, 1.0 + 2.0 + 3.0 Web Developer

Scott Carver has been our web designer since Day 1, and has been the developer of every one of IdeaMensch 1.0, 2.0 and now 3.0.[divider]

Christiane Holzheid, Designer of Everything

Christiane Holzheid is one of the most talented designers we have ever met, which she currently does while living in Berlin. She’s the brain and pencil behind our t-shirts and logos.[divider]