18 Productivity Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs


One of the most awesome learnings from our interviews is finding out what successful entrepreneurs do to help them bring their idea to life. What are their habits? What do they do every day that truly makes an impact on their overall productivity? What actions do they take? How are their days different than mine? It’s amazing to […]

A Fresh Start for IdeaMensch

I started IdeaMensch about six years ago because I wanted to learn from entrepreneurs. I didn’t really want to be an entrepreneur but was obsessed with how entrepreneurs of all kinds seemed to be the absolute best at bringing ideas to life. At the time I was in working for ad agencies, where most ideas […]

How To Focus as An Entrepreneur


Brilliant ideas, new sales opportunities or a dream team; what is the number one thing that an entrepreneur needs to have in order to succeed and be a name to reckon with? Most people would suggest a great idea and a great team, and as you diversify, and then of course you would need new […]

19 Startup Habits to Start Today

Every month, I write a recap of some of the lessons I learned from our most recent interviews. This month, I put together a list of 19 habits recommended to us by some of the world’s finest entrepreneurs.  Pick up one or two or three of these and integrate them into your daily habits. 1. […]

How to define a mission and vision for your startup

(and why they’re so damn important) [box type=”tick” border=”full” icon=”none”]Today’s awesome guest post is by Jason Halstead, the founder of Gist Brands. I asked Jason to write this because I am a big fan of his work and this is really important stuff for you to think about as you bring to life your idea. […]

5 Reasons Bad Bookkeeping Can Get You Fired From Your Startup

Starting a business can feel a lot like jumping from speeding car. It is a mixture of a leap of faith, timing, finesse and a lot of luck wrapped into one. Understandably, dealing with accounting is usually not high on many founders’ to-do lists. Part of being in the startup grind is really a matter […]