Five Most Popular Interviews of August 2011

It’s that time of the month. Time to pull up good ol’ Google Analytics, analyze, evaluate, scratch my head, and then publish the five most read interviews of the month. I won’t reveal exactly how many people read each interview, because I’d lie about that number anyways.

And I’ll tell you. There are some surprises.

Our top three interviews are all from outside of the US.

That means we’re either growing internationally or America simply doesn’t care about IdeaMensch anymore.

Either way, I am happy for every single one of our five most popular interviews of the month.

Here they are.

#1 – Dayson Pais

Our most popular interview of the month was Dayson Pais, an Indian entrepreneur who calls himself the Founder and Janitor of Textme – a service that allows you to quickly share content from your browser to a mobile device.

Dayson gave away an awesome idea, which I really think someone needs to take and run with.

[quote style=”boxed”]”I have an idea that could improve sales. I’ve always felt that web services from the west (for example: Google Apps, Get Satisfaction, Mailchimp, etc.) should price differently for Asia / Africa than they do to the rest of the world. Something like 10 USD / month which appears as standard pricing is not ‘affordable’ to the entire world, definitely not to people back here. Wouldn’t it be better to have pricing that is geo-aware?”[/quote]

# 2 – Anand Parameswaran

Our second most popular interview of the month is my former assistant Anand Parameswaran who is running a small business in his hometown of Coimbatore, India where he sells chicken, insurance and cookware products.

I loved one of the lessons that he learned over the last couple of years of being a Virtual Assistant, which I think holds true for all of us.

[quote style=”boxed”]Don’t say “I can’t do it” until you give it your best effort.[/quote]

#3 – Christian Reber

Our third most popular interview hails from one of my favorite cities in the world – Berlin. Christian Reber is the Founder of 6Wunderkinder, a software company that is making quite the wave with their popular Wunderlist product.

He wants us to interview Shai Agassi, founder of Better Place. Does anyone know Shai Agassi?

#4 – Jovan van Drielle

Our forth interview was Jovan Van Drielle who has a totally awesome story in that she developed her own iPad case because they had run out at the Apple store. How cool is that?

I loved what she told us about the worst job she ever had.

[quote style=”boxed”]Before I decided to attend college, I thought it might be “fun” to clean houses and earn a “ton” of money! So I took a job cleaning a wealthy neighbor’s home. I spent 8 hours cleaning from top to bottom, even removing the hair from brushes in bathroom drawers. After spending all day going thru every nook and cranny of the mansion the lady of the house presented me with my bounty for the day: $25.00 – SAY WHAT???
After doing the math, $3.12 per hour, I decided at that moment this was no way to earn a living, as my “attention to detail” made me too slow for this kind of work. I came home and immediately enrolled at Parsons School of Design in New York City. Never cleaned another home![/quote]

#5 – Steve Katsaros

Our fifth most popular interview of the month also has an amazing story. And a really important product to go along with it. Steve Katsaros is the Founder of Nokero International, where he is building a better, longer lasting, solar light bulb for use by the 1.6 billion people worldwide who live without electricity.

And I’ll end this post with my favorite quote of the month, given by Steve.

[quote style=”boxed”]Less talk, more action. So many ideas die in a boardroom, in endless meetings, or on a dry erase board. Talking through the company’s future is important, but you can’t let it drag on. Once a decision is made you’ve got to be fearless and move it forward. It may fail. If it does, you wipe off the dust and go out there and fail again. Keep going until you succeed.[/quote]

America, do you still love us?

And if you know of someone awesome, who you think we should interview – tell us.

Image credit goes to none other than Leader Nancy Pelosi.