How To Buy Websites and Turn Them Into Profitable Businesses

At this IdeaMensch talk in Missoula, Internet Entrepreneur Chris Yates shares his strategies on how he buys websites and turns them into profitable, cash-generating web businesses. You’ll learn about how he got started in this industry and how he goes about evaluating websites to buy. If you’re someone who is not necessarily interested in building your own Internet business from the ground up, this video is a must watch.

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About Chris Yates

Chris Yates is an entrepreneur who is making triple digit annual returns buying, selling, and flipping websites. In addition to buying and selling internet businesses, he also educates and coaches others to make money buying, selling and flipping websites.

He and his business partner, David Gass, rapidly entered the “how to buy and sell websites” market by acquiring some of the top websites in the industry including,,, and

Before entering the website buying and selling market, Chris Yates started, grew and sold a successful marketing business. He has also been involved in a handful of other rather unsuccessful ventures including a dot com media portal, a web hosting business, and an educational membership site for small businesses.

Chris’ abilities include the entire technical and creative skillset required to take an internet business from an idea to generating solid revenue. He has the ability to spot undervalued assets in websites and transform them to maximize performance.  His marketing efforts have generated multiple millions of dollars in sales online for his clients and his own projects.

To learn more about Chris Yates, read his IdeaMensch interview.