HTML5 and CSS3 sitepoint ebook giveaway

We were looking for something special to give away to celebrate the launch of our new design. And then an email came in from the awesome folks at AppSumo who offered our community ten free copies of newly released ebook on html5 and css3 by sitepoint.

Now keep in mind, this book probably isn’t for someone who’s just trying to build their first website. But this book is exactly what you want to be sending to whoever is building your website.

Because Steve Jobs says so.

No, he actually did:
[quote style=”boxed”]”Sometimes you have to pick the things that look like they’re gonna be the right horses to ride going forward. And Flash looks like a technology that had it’s day, but is waning. And HTML5 looks like the technology that’s really on the ascendancy right now.”[/quote]
–Steve Jobs interview at the 2010 D8 conference

Here are some of the things that are covered in this book:

  • How to use native HTML5 Video: Ditch your Flash video habit and start using clean, native HTML5 video.
  • How to exploit CSS3 to the max: Learn next-generation CSS selectors and powerful new styling and layout abilities with CSS3.
  • Geolocation & Local Storage: Use shiny-new APIs to build applications with location sensitivity and full offline functionality.
  • How to build smart forms: Build intelligent, self-validating web forms your users will love (aka higher conversion rates)!
For more info, check out what the folks at Appsumo are saying about it, or check out the book’s landing page over at sitepoint.
So, if you’d like a free copy, here is what needs to be done. We have ten ebooks to give away. And all you need to do to try and get one, is tweet this:

[box border=”full”]Win a copy of the @sitepointdotcom html5 and css3 ebook on @IdeaMensch via @AppSumo. [/box]

We will search Twitter for tweets and retweets and randomly pick up the winners.

Make sure to follow @IdeaMensch on Twitter so we can get in touch with you once the giveaway is over.

Winners will be contacted via Twitter in the next couple of days.