Marcy Resnik


Marcy S. Resnik, Esq, graduated from Nova Southeastern University Law School (NSU)in 1988 and was sworn into the Florida Bar a few months later in September 1988. While at NSU, Marcy excelled in Moot Court and Trial Advocacy courses. Upon graduation, Marcy was offered a position at Fine Jacobson Schwartz Nash Block & England, which at the time was one of the premier law firms in South Florida. Marcy’s base office was in Fort Lauderdale, but she was often called to work in the Miami office.

While at Fine Jacobson, Marcy tried both jury and non-jury trials, in both State and Federal Courts. As a young lawyer, Marcy was trained by the likes of Henry Latimer, Jack Britton and Irwin Block. To this day, Marcy credits that training with providing the foundation for her practice and high ethical standards.

In 1994, Marcy decided to step back from the full-time practice in order to raise her children. Marcy and her Husband, Dr. Barry Resnik, have three grown children.

While in “retirement” Marcy dedicated herself to her children’s school, The Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, serving as President of the Mother’s Club, as well as the Board of Trustees. In addition, Marcy gave her time at her synagogue, Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, where she served on the Board of Directors for 27 years. At ATJC, Marcy held many leadership positions, including Chairwoman of the School Board and ultimately, President of the Synagogue.

In 2008, Marcy joined up with Howard Kahn, Esq and together they formed Kahn & Resnik, PL. Kahn & Resnik, PL represents clients in family law, as well as complex commercial litigation matters.

Marcy prides herself in providing the best possible representation to her clients in their most difficult hour.

What made you want to open your own law firm?

I had left the full time practice of law when I was pregnant with my second child but continued to work part-time doing ghost writing for other lawyers. As my children got older, I wanted to get back to a more regular schedule for work. I was asked to be a partner in a small firm and that was going well for a time. But, I needed more flexibility in my schedule. So, the only way to really accomplish my goal was to open my own firm. In 2006, I left the firm and opened my own firm. Two years later, I was co-counsel on a matter with Howard Kahn. We worked well together and noticed that we complicated each other’s skill sets. In 2008, we decided to join forces and opened Kahn & Resnik.

What made you want to become a lawyer?

A higher sense of justice. Even as a child, I was always trying to help the little guy, trying to right wrongs. I was also interested in politics and thought the law would be a good background. However, once I walked into the well of a courtroom for the first time, I knew that was where I wanted to be. I love being in a courtroom. I have friends who think I’m crazy, but I love the challenge, with objections coming at me, and having to know the facts, the law and dealing with all of the people in the courtroom.

How did you get your first client?

When I left the small firm I was with in 2006 and opened my own office, many of the clients followed me. I was very fortunate. Many of clients told me that they wanted me to stay on as their lawyer because of the relationship we had established, as well as the personal attention I paid to each of their cases.

What is the best way for a lawyer to obtain clients other than through referrals?

I do not advertise so to me, the best way is through referrals. My favorite type of referral is when the party on the other side of a case refers a friend to me. For example, if I represented a Husband in a divorce, when his ex-wife refers to her friend to me, that is truly high praise.

Why do you believe that you have succeeded as a lawyer?

First, I had really great training as a young lawyer. I was fortunate to have worked at one the premier law firms in South Florida for the first 7 years of my practice. Second, listening to my clients and paying attention their needs. When someone hires an attorney, they are at a difficult point in their life. Although they want their attorney to provide answers and find solutions, they also want to be heard. They want to be a part in fixing whatever the issue may be at that time. Third, attention to detail. I read everything that passes my desk on a case. No detail is too small.

When have you been the most satisfied as a lawyer?

When I help a little guy. I’ve three cases in the past few years where I have helped a young, single father not only establish paternity, but have been able to reunite him with his child. These can be very stressful cases because the mother and father never married, and have a strained relationship. I have been so moved when these young guys come to office and just want time with their child. Two of these guys still send me cards on Mother’s day to thank me

Which books helped you to build your business?

As a young lawyer, the partner I worked for encouraged me to read the Art of War by Sun Tzu. The main point of the book is that to succeed in battle, you need to know your opponent’s position as well as your own. My understanding what motivates your opponent, you can better determine how to get to a resolution.