Most Popular Interviews of October – Mile High Club Edition

As I am about to travel back from Turkey, to Germany and then to America (where I’ll get to attend and speak at our next IdeaMensch event); it’s time for me to announce the most popular interviews of the month of October.

For the first time ever (or at the very least since I started tracking our most popular interviews back in July), our most popular interview of the month was a woman.

#1 Ana Andjelic

Meet Ana Andjelic – Digital strategist at Droga5. I am not surprised because Ana submitted an amazing interview and all that digital strategy know how resulted into all kinds of digital traffic mojo. Ana recommended the book The Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande where talks about decision-making and problem-solving in complex environments.

I followed her recommendation and read that book and it is amazing.

#2 Jamie Lin

Our second most popular interview of the month actually was our first ever interview from Taiwan, and it turned out to be quite the hit with you folks. Jamie Lin is the Founder of Taiwan’s Leading Startup Incubator.

His typical day scares me. No wonder he’s so successful.

[quote style=”boxed”]I usually wake up at 5AM and immediately start reading my news and blogs — I typically read around 100 articles a day. Then I post an article to my blog, usually inspired by stories that I read and about the things I have been thinking. After that’s done, I take off from home and head to my gym for a 30-minute swim in the water — helps me stay in shape while I process the things I read. Then I would usually head to appWorks office, and depending on the day, there are usually 3-6 events, meetings and coffee chats awaiting me. Around 5pm, I start working on my emails, usually till 8-8:30PM then I call it a day and go home. Before I go to sleep, usually around 11PM, I would read a little more. But I generally crash before midnight.[/quote]

#3 Ernests

Next up, our first interview from Latvia. And again, a total hit with you guys. Ernests is the founder of, a startup that connects hotels with guests in real-time. One piece of advice he gave that stuck with me was to try to test your model before launching. I need to remember that.

[quote style=”boxed”]”t used to be straight forward – go and implement. Now I try to model different business models around it and grasp some feedback from potential users before doing actual implementation.[/quote]

#4 Emily Wilkinson

Next up,  Emily Wilkinson who created a water filter that you can just pop into whatever water container you’re carrying around. If she wasn’t working on botlfilter, Emily would be a sustainable farmer.

And while that sounds great too, we are glad Emily is doing what she’s doing because there is too much plastic waste out there and maybe her invention can help cut that down.

#5 Amit Dharmani

Last (actually, fifth) but still totally awesome was the interview with Amit Dharmani, the CEO and Founder of YouCeleb an e-commerce company featuring weekly deals inspired by popular celebrity fashion.

A cool idea.

Here is what Amit made laugh out loud.

[quote style=”boxed”]A couple of weeks ago actually, we told one of my buddies — who at the time had no idea what the Mile High club was — that it was an executive membership to a frequent flyer program. When he got on the flight we told him just ask the female flight attendant when you get on the flight because she’ll probably have the paperwork on her. Needless to say the results made me LOL!!![/quote]

I don’t get it.

Kidding, that’s funny.

But here is an interesting question.

Are you part of the Mile High Club if you were by yourself?

Until next month.


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