Natasha Mudhar

If you practice appreciation everyday it will make you a happier and more grounded person, and in turn, it will make a you better leader which will benefit productivity. This habit will allow you to see the bigger picture and teach you not to sweat the small stuff.


Natasha Mudhar is an international communicator and director working on some of the most socially relevant global campaigns. She is also Global Chief Executive of Sterling Media, the multi-disciplinary, international business consultancy with a robust communications backbone, established in 1995. Representing SME’s, FTSE 100 companies including billion-dollar hedge funds, as well as disruptors, innovators and high-profile celebrities, Natasha’s insight and global understanding in the realm of business, brand development, market growth and entry strategies has assisted major players align their vision with their business strategies.

Named in the 2018 Management Today 35 under 35 list, Natasha is recognised as an exemplary young businesswoman in Britain and has firmly established herself as the spearhead behind one of the leading lights in the communications industry with an ever-growing portfolio of some of the world’s most impactful campaigns. Through advisory and consultancy, Natasha has been pivotal in bending the arc of a company’s vision to its ultimate destination – to create scalable impact and demonstrate sustainable purpose.

Awakening social consciousness, a personal passion of Natasha’s, has resulted in steering Sterling Media in supporting organisations such as the United Nations, NGO’s, campaigners and thought-leaders across a number of sectors. Natasha launched WWW – The World We Want to unlock the collective impact of people, ideas, networks and technologies to accelerate the pace of progress towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Where did the idea for Sterling Group come from?

Sterling Group, a multi-disciplinary business with interest across real estate, finance, communication, media and entertainment, and social impact, was established by my mother Teji Singh in 1995, who was one of the very few women at that time from an ethnic background to establish a business of that scale in London.

One of the companies under the group is Sterling Media, a multi-award-winning international business and communications consultancy representing corporates, celebrities, charities, countries, consumer brands, and thought-leaders.

It was not just the industry which drew me in, but it was my mother’s passion and vision that inspired me to take up the business and elevate it to new heights.

The company’s focus has always been to develop incisive strategies for clients that ensure their engagement with global stakeholders is purposeful and meaningful, with a focus on positive impact. Ever since my mother passed the baton on to me, I have made a conscious effort to position this vision as an integral part of our company’s DNA, underpinned by a “doing well by doing good” business philosophy.
Today, we also work with global organisations such as the Commonwealth and United Nations to shape communication strategies that accelerate progress on tackling major social issues and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

No day is truly ever the same at Sterling Media. I could be listing a company on the London Stock Exchange, spearheading a global campaign for the United Nations or launching an iconic British brand into an emerging market.

From the first day I picked up the reins of the business, I wanted to elevate our brand profile beyond the national interest and explore other markets, which means quite a few early mornings and late evenings to catch various time zones.

The key to ensuring a productive day lies with operating effectively and efficiently, which takes some forward planning. Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. They are not mutually exclusive terms as its actually hard to be efficient if you are not being effective.

How do you bring ideas to life?

Every company and entrepreneur would like to be innovative, and innovation occurs when you bring your ideas to life. In my experience, the best way to do this is to ensure you blend creativity with strategy when ideating to ensure whatever idea you are looking to bring to life is practical and relevant to your target audience.

What’s one trend that excites you?

I am very excited about the rise in participatory digital platforms, where consumers are no longer passive. BOLT, for example, is a decentralised mobile-focused, video content ecosystem, serving the world’s poorest. This allows users to access streams in dramatically smaller packet sizes for efficient data consumption. To further decentralise the system, reduce costs for millions of low-income users and provide them access to a formal financial structure who are otherwise left out, BOLT utilised blockchain technology to develop its own cryptocurrency – the BOLT Token – and is currently completing work on developing its own crypto/token wallet. This enables token/cryptos participants and creators who produce, participate or engage on the platform to be rewarded with BOLT tokens, based on the Ethereum blockchain, which can be redeemed for data packs, content subscription and even for cash.

What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?

I am a big believer in practicing appreciation every day.

In this industry, the busier you get, the more overwhelmed you feel. A lot of times that pattern manifests into anxiety. As an entrepreneur, you’re a leader and it is important to encourage and empower your teams daily. Therefore, if you’re feeling the pressure, this can sometimes be passed on to your colleagues which is anti-productive, so make sure you remain positive!

However, stress in inevitable. Stress takes a toll on your body, your relationships and your perspective. A good way to counter this negative feeling is to take the time to express or feel gratitude for something that is important to you – no matter how small it may seem to others.

If you practice appreciation everyday it will make you a happier and more grounded person, and in turn, it will make a you better leader which will benefit productivity. This habit will allow you to see the bigger picture and teach you not to sweat the small stuff.

Another good way to do this is to set a small number of goals to accomplish every week. Begin by setting aside three goals every week that pertain to the larger picture of your business and work towards achieving them. From doing research on potential clients to making a report on what your competition is doing, when you list down any three goals it looks more achievable and you motivate yourself to look beyond the smaller details and keep your focus on the bigger picture of success.

What advice would you give your younger self?

It sounds cliché but don’t be afraid to make mistakes – they are some of the most valuable lessons an entrepreneur can learn, and they help build character.

They allow you to open your mind, reach new portals you never knew existed, teach you to approach a task differently in the future, and find an alternative way of looking at things. They provide the perfect learning curve to make you and your business better.

For anyone getting started in the industry or with their own business, always work hard, know your strengths, and work with a team that brings out the best version of yourself. You should always be ready to embrace change and not be afraid to challenge the norm.

You need not only to challenge the status quo, but to change it.

Tell us something that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on.

That purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive concepts. Businesses can be an expression of beliefs and true values, which can enhance profits as you cement a more meaningful relationship with your target audiences.

As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?

I always make sure I am up early! Instead of rushing around or panicking, I make it a point to start my day early to give myself time to think and plan, allowing me to collect my thoughts.

What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business?

To me, it must be simplicity. This is the secret weapon any successful entrepreneur will swear by as it allows them to increase their effectiveness and business. I found that by obsessively following simple yet practical routines, I was able to avoid taking on workloads which are beyond my control, allowing me to focus entirely on what mattered.

This allowed me to be more productive and achieve the desired results. For this reason, I was able to set protective and firm limits allowing me to have a healthy work-life balance – remember that even superheroes need a day off.

What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

I made some simple mistakes when I was first starting out in business because I was learning and wanted to push the boundaries probably before I was in a position to. But I knew that it was all part of the journey and used this to grow as a person first then an entrepreneur. Always remember that, and as far as I’m aware, nobody ever made it to the top by playing it safe.

What is one piece of software or a web service that helps you be productive?

I have always been a very ‘techy’ person because communication now centres around this. I do not necessarily have a favourite per se, but the way in which technology can open up endless possibilities, whether through multi-screen video calls, connecting people from all corners of the world, or the fascinating world of VR is exciting.

What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?

The Execution Factor: The One Skill That Drives Success by Kim Perell. Her story from being a startup entrepreneur to an internationally renowned CEO and prominent angel investor is inspiring for all of us and makes us realise that it is possible to achieve your dreams without the need of money, a degree or a high IQ.