IdeaMensch October Progress

Considering that we have some pretty lofty goals for IdeaMensch, I figured it would make sense to publicly share some of the progress that we’re making. To keep our community posted and to keep us honest. As I declared in my last post, we are trying to hit the 10,000 monthly visitor mark in December, 25,000 monthly visitors by next May and then 100,000 monthly visitors by the end of 2011. We don’t have specific growth goals for Facebook and Twitter yet, but I can tell you that I would love for us to have 1,000 Facebook Fans and 1,000 Twitter Followers by the end of this year. That seems doable.

So, here is what we achieved in October.

Website Traffic

These numbers are pretty self-explanatory. 4,286 visits, 7,629 pageviews and the average visitor spent 2 minutes and three seconds on our site.

Traffic sources

1,995 people came from referring sites, 1,170 people came directly and another 1,117 came from search engines. It can be noted that our organic search engine traffic seems to be increasing quite nicely.

Twitter and Facebook

582 Twitter Followers and 365 Fans on Facebook – one for every day of the year.

Popular Interviews

We had some great interviews last month, some of which already led to more great interviews this month. Here were our most popular reads in October.
Court Crandall – Executive Creative Director at WONGDOODY – 311 Reads
Tom Stewart – A Man With a Plan to Save Salsa – 253 Reads
Ellen Simes – A Shoe Addict with a Solution – 171 Reads
Ankit Duggal – Perpetual Fabricator of Ideas – 141 Reads
Jack Levy – Founder of AnEFX – 133 Reads

How we’ll get to 7,000 Visits in November?

Well first of all, I have cut back at work to make this happen. So, we are going to go from little effort to quite a bit effort.

Great interviews

It starts with our interviews, as we can only be as good as the people who we interview. I am super jazzed about our November lineup, which includes people like:

Linsey Corbin – A Montana Made Professional Ironman Triathlete
Josh Abramson – Founder of
Ted Rheingold – Founder of Dogster
Neil Patel – The guy behind QuickSprout, KissMetrics and CrazyEgg
Pete Kazanjy – Co-founder of
Matt Mickiewicz – Founder of and 99Designs
Julie Clark – Founder of the Baby Einstein Company
Doug Aley – Founder and CEO of Off & Away
Elliot M Katz – Founder and Chairman of the Board, In Defense of Animals
Jason Nazar – CEO of Docstoc

There are many more, some of who I hope to confirm very soon. And every week, my goal is to line up five more great interviews for our community. Seems doable.


There are a plethora of startup and entrepreneur organizations out there.  My hope is to reach out to a few every week and see how we can collaborate together. One partnership that will start impacting us rather quickly is with world class digital agency – Seso. They’re here in LA, run by my good friend Marc Mertens and will start providing us with some killer design services in the near future.

Overall, I am very happy with our progress in October. But we certainly have our work cut out for ourselves this month.

Thanks for all your support.

Doing it.

IdeaMensch Founder

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