What is your most productive habit as an entrepreneur?

Recently we have started asking our interviewees about their most productive habit as an entrepreneur. What is the one habit that makes you most productive as an entrepreneur? We’re seeing really insightful responses.

I think that’s a great question to ask our entire community. So if you fill out the form below (and give an awesome answer, duh), we’ll include you in a big list post that we’ll publish next week.

By the way, my post productive habit is probably that I walk or bike to and from work. On my way to work it gives me time to focus on the priorities of the day. Once I sit down at my desk, I can hit the ground running. On my way home, it allows me to disconnect from work and actually relax once I walk through my house door. It helps that my commute is absolutely gorgeous, as seen in the picture above.

What is your most productive habit?

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