Why Every Entrepreneur Should Read Rework

We have asked thousands of entrepreneurs about what the one book is they would recommend every other entrepreneur should read. That is why we created IdeaMensch 100, what my mother would call the ultimate book list for entrepreneurs. The most recommended book is Rework, written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson –  the founders of software company Basecamp. I love both the book  and the software.

I am seriously not surprised about the success of this book. It’s awesome and definitely one of the books that has made one of the biggest impacts on my career. They give great advice, but what makes this book so sticky is how they bring across the information. Each chapter is brief and to the point, with memorable titles and actionable advice. Honestly, if your read the book and follow three pieces of advice and bring to life one, you’re going to be a much better entrepreneur right away. But, this is not about me. It’s about what a bunch of other entrepreneurs think about Rework and the impact the book made on them.


And be sure to check out our awesome book list, which again, my mother loves.

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