Dr. Srini Pillay – Founder and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group


Always remain open to new things, and become intimate friends with “not knowing.” Dr. Srini Pillay, founder and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group, has a background in concert piano, photography, poetry, drama, and dance and was the top medical student in his class. After graduation, he was director of the outpatient psychiatry program at McLean Hospital […]

Peter Crosby – Chief Dreamer at DreamFund

Peter Crosby - CMO and Chief Dreamer at DreamFund

It’s the software, stupid. Build a great product and the rest will follow. So we keep our eyes firmly fixed on that. Peter Crosby is Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Dreamer at DreamFund.com, the circle giving platform for important dreams. With a passion for pursuing his dreams and helping others achieve theirs, Peter has established […]

Marc Meyer – Professor at Northeastern University

Marc Meyer - Professor at Northeastern University

Know your users, as deeply as possible, then spend just as much time knowing your channel partners. Only then, design your new products or services, your business model, your go-to-market strategy. Professor Meyer is widely published in the field of product, service, and business model innovation and has worked with industry leaders in computing, industrial […]

Loredana Padurean – Founder and CEO of DressMe

Hire the best people and get out of their way! Let them do the work you hired them for! Don’t micromanage and don’t think that you are always right. Dr. Loredana Padurean is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Operations at Lasell College in Boston, MA. She has extensive international teaching and consulting experience in Switzerland, […]

Arian Radmand – Co-Founder and Director of Engineering at CoachUp

[quote style=”boxed”] I don’t check email until lunch time. This keeps me productive and focused on what is important, as it allows me to not get bogged down by what other people want me to do until the second half of my day.[/quote] Arian Radmand is a Co-Founder and Director of Engineering at CoachUp, Inc. […]

Paul Hammond – Co-founder of Startup Rounds

[quote style=”boxed”]Action! While having a vision is important, it is imperative to focus on small action oriented steps. I strongly believe in the concept of compounding interest. In other words, actions layered on top of actions will lead to a compounding result that will be far more impactful than any one stand-alone action[/quote] Paul Hammond […]

Eric Graham and Kevin Loos – Founders of CrowdComfort

[quote style=”boxed”]We end every meeting with a hard ask. This can be anything from asking them to introduce us to another investor, setting up a second meeting, or a commitment to try our product. [/quote] Eric Graham is a clean energy entrepreneur who is committed to spreading energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. Eric has […]

Anthony Foy – CEO of Workshare

[quote style=”boxed”]Every year, I take one week in which I track every single minute of the day. It helps me figure out where my time is going, and allows me to ask myself whether my time is going into productive projects. [/quote] Anthony is CEO of Workshare. Previously, he held the parallel position at SkyDox, where […]