Jason Hanold

Jason Hanold

Jason Hanold is the chief executive officer and managing partner of Hanold Associates. Since founding the company in 2010, he has helped it grow into one of the most in-demand retained executive search firms in the US. Under his leadership, Hanold Associates has built a client roster that includes The…

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Devin Gough

Jason Hanold

Devin Gough is a serial entrepreneur who has many skillsets across numerous industries. Devin has a decade of impressive experiences in business. He has a proven history of increasing productivity and profits, as well as a natural talent and passion for doing so. His additional areas of expertise include: digital…

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Scott Kitun

Jason Hanold

Scott Kitun is a Chicago-based media entrepreneur and investor. Scott is a co-founder of personalized music marketplace Songfinch that allows anyone to discover and collaborate with thousands of professional musicians to create custom, one-of-a-kind songs. Prior to Songfinch, Scott co-founded Technori, a popular media platform featuring podcast interviews with startup…

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Poonam Rahman

Jason Hanold

Poonam Rahman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of two international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations designed to provide free resources to historically marginalized communities. The first international nonprofit she founded, Virtue Mental, aims to provide free mental health resources to historically marginalized communities, while her second nonprofit, Shattering Bias In…

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Anosh Ahmed

Jason Hanold

Dr. Anosh Ahmed is an internal medicine physician and thriving entrepreneur. As a self-driven individual, he has contributed to the re-development of various healthcare facilities in both Chicago and Houston. Despite his passion for the medical field, Dr. Ahmed has always been interested in the business side of the healthcare…

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Erica Bishaf

Erica Bishaf

Founded by tech entrepreneur Erica Bishaf, a 20+ year veteran in market intelligence, strategy, and trade shows, CampfireSocial is a white-labeled social network and e-commerce platform that provides organizations a new way to stay better connected to their industry, further extend their brand, and monetize interactions and real-time audience insights…

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Kelly Page

Jason Hanold

Kelly Page has a PhD in Psychology of Web (Hypermedia) Knowledge and an obsession with social storytelling and human development. Dr. Page is the Director of Bennett Labs at Bennett Day School, the creator of Bennett Live, and is the former Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at the Illinois Mathematics and…

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Andrew Alexander

Jason Hanold

Andrew Alexander is best known for his leadership of The Second City theatre company and the hit television show SCTV. Alexander is a major presence in the entertainment scene and also works as a theatre, film, and television producer. Alexander was born in London, England. He studied at Tri-State College…

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Eric Tubbs

Eric Tubbs

Eric Tubbs is the President of Iron Light Labs, a non-profit dedicated to equipping purpose driven organizations to change the world. After helping to build his retail automobile company into a $55 million a year business, Eric sold his shares to his brother in 2016 to pursue his passion for…

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Sarah Rosner


Sarah Alysse’s journey towards fitness and nutrition has not always been easy. In fact, she did not really start to care about her health until college. Dance was always a fundamental component of her Musical theater studies at Columbia College Chicago, but she struggled with balance and core stability. Within…

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