Henry Vinson

The most important thing for any business to grow and to be successful is to know the numbers.   Henry Vinson MS, JD, is a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for the State of Ohio. He began his career earning his bachelor’s degree from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Sciences….

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Lindsey McCoy

Ask questions. I think it’s important to never assume you know everything or that they way you are doing things can’t be improved upon.   Lindsey McCoy has a master’s degree from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs and spent 10 years running environmental education nonprofits in The…

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Al Scobell

Utilize your resources more and take the time to ask the right questions!   Prior to Caring Transitions, Al Scobell spent 17 years in the franchising world, holding leadership roles at companies such as Yum! Brands, the largest holding company in the restaurant industry, Church’s Chicken and Fazoli’s. Scobell then…

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Dave Knox – Chief Marketing Officer for Rockfish Interactive

[quote style=”boxed”]The only way to bring ideas to life is through action.  Just about every person has an “idea” for the next great company or product.  But ideas are worthless.  I believe that ideas only matter when you take the first step to make it a reality instead of just…

Meet Dave Knox – Chief Marketing Officer for Rockfish Interactive