Maurice Moses

Maurice Moses

Currently from Michigan, Maurice Moses’ parents originally met at University of London during graduate school – his father is a retired physics instructor and my mother was an accountant. She passed away on November 22, 2013. Maurice’s father is 90 years-old. His father’s homeland is Spain, his mother was from…

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Allie Siarto – Co-Founder of Loudpixel

Allie Siarto - Co-Founder of Loudpixel

[quote style=”boxed”]We’ve structured our company as a sort of blended consultancy and tech company, which gives us a lot of flexibility to experiment with new technologies and build out new products without having to worry about staying profitable.[/quote] Allie Siarto co-founded Loudpixel, a social analytics company focused on social media…

Meet Allie Siarto – Co-Founder of Loudpixel