Dvorah Graeser

Dvorah Graeser Tech Entrepreneurs

D’vorah has spent 20 years in the intellectual property industry and is a licensed US Patent Agent. She operates KISSPatent across borders, with offices in Chicago, New York, and Eindhoven. She participated in the Human Genome Project and has extensive knowledge in the fields of healthcare, technology, and business. In…

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Frank Zweegers

Frank Zweegers

Life goes on and you can survive any failure, and if you learn from your mistakes, you will come out even stronger and more resilient than before.   Frank Zweegers is a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur. He was born in the south of the Netherlands to a family of…

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Jean Paul Close – Founder of Stir Global Shift

Jean Paul Close - Founder of Stir Global Shift

[quote style=”boxed”]Take change as your only constant. Do not take the world, your business or even yourself for granted. Make constant adaptation a way of life. Don’t live in the past but make something of the future. For me, that is true entrepreneurship.[/quote] There are 2 definitions that characterize Jean-Paul…

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