Glenn Keiper

Glenn Keiper

Like any doctor, Glenn Keiper Jr. has been through an intense amount of education and training. But unlike a good many doctors, he’s been able to help revolutionize procedures in neurosurgery that have made him one of the top surgeons in his field, and he’s built his own practice and…

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Jason Borrevik

Jason Borrevik

Get back to your clients within 12 to 24 hours of any email or call. Be as responsive as possible even if you just tell them that you will go through their message soon to get back to them with more detailed thoughts.   Jason Borrevik was born and raised…

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Jake Weatherly – CEO of SheerID

Jake Weatherly - CEO of SheerID

[quote style=”boxed”]If you operate from a place of fear or resistance to change, you become blind to the most exciting opportunities and growth. Celebrating the adventure of uncertainty, while staying focused on vision and measurable goals, makes me more productive.[/quote] As the CEO of SheerID, Inc., Jake has advanced the…

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Torrin Rosegold – CEO of Music Masters

Torrin Rosegold - CEO of Music Masters

[quote style=”boxed”]I coach my team to be focused on creating value. Whatever you do, do it the best you can and money will follow. The value must come first.[/quote] Torrin is a musician, public speaker, entrepreneur, and writer located in the pacific northwest. Music education is his passion and spreading…

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