Dr. Fred Southwick – Professor of Medicine and Author

[quote style=”boxed”]I am always asking questions, including, “Why did this happen?” and “Why was the patient’s test delayed?” and “How can we improve each step of a patient’s care?” and “How can we improve how we communicate with one another and with patients?” When there is not an answer to a question, I analyze the […]

Abhi Lokesh and Alex Theodore – Co-founders of Fracture

[quote]We don’t need more ideas; we need better execution, and a commitment to the ideas we already have in front of us.[/quote] Abhi Lokesh (CEO) – Abhi Lokesh graduated from UF in 2009 with a Bachelors Degree in integrative biology. During undergrad, he was actively involved with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, eventually becoming […]