Phillip Patrick

The end goal is always a motivator, but if you don’t enjoy the journey, don’t bother as the climb will encompass infinitely more of your time than reaching the peak.   Phillip Patrick is an aspiring technology entrepreneur and 2012 graduate from the University of South Carolina. He has spent…

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Kenneth Zwerdling

You can be knocked down, out and lose everything and make your way back.   During the past 30+ years, Kenneth Zwerdling has worked in several large Fortune 500 companies, been an entrepreneur starting 4 companies (3 of them global) and was the Director of Human Resources for a Non-Profit….

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John Monarch – CEO & Direct Outbound Services

I would advise a younger me to create a “Stop Doing” list. John Monarch is a well-known entrepreneur, writer, Blockchain expert and advisor. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Direct Outbound Services, which provides logistics and fulfillment services. The company is one of the fastest growing in the sector….

Meet John Monarch – CEO & Direct Outbound Services

Dodd Caldwell – Co-founder of MoonClerk

[quote style=”boxed”]Sometimes I tell people I only have one true skill. Fortunately, that skill is pretty valuable. I’m somehow able to get really talented people to work with me. I bring ideas to life by surrounding myself with people who do great work. [/quote] Dodd is passionate about startups and nonprofits….

Meet Dodd Caldwell – Co-founder of MoonClerk

Lawrence Behr – Founder of Lawrence Behr Associates

[quote style=”boxed”]One of the dangers of starting out in a technical type of business is that that kind of consumes your focus. Today, a very big part of my focus is on marketing and business development and not the technology side of our activities.[/quote] Lawrence Behr is the founder of…

Meet Lawrence Behr – Founder of Lawrence Behr Associates