Dr. Jeffrey Gross MD

Dr. Jeffrey Gross MD

Jeffrey Gross, M.D. turned down M.I.T. to study biochemistry and molecular cell biology at U.C. Berkeley. His research and medical journal publications have been cited over 800 times. After studying the complexities of the nervous system, and treating patients as neurosurgeon, he has returned to his roots in science by…

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Vinay Amin

Vinay Amin Health Entrepreneurs

Vinay Amin is the founder of Eu Natural, a direct-to-consumer wellness brand that creates plant-powered formulas to meet your body’s needs. Vinay began his career in engineering and digital marketing, helping startups with their growth. Seeing a need for natural solutions to an expanding list of health concerns, he transitioned…

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Jan McBarron

Jan McBarron

Stay positive and have gratitude.   Dr. Jan McBarron (Duke and The Doctor) was born, raised, married and received her medical doctorate in Philadelphia. As newlyweds she and her husband Duke moved to Georgia. She started her own medical practice, Georgia Bariatrics specializing in Medical Bariatrics, non-surgical weight loss. In…

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Dave Sarro – President and CEO of Promo Direct

Any entrepreneur must keep a close eye on the economy, shifts in market trends, and business competitors. Dave Sarro is the president and founder of Promo Direct, which was founded in 1991 in Henderson, Nev., and offers customized promotional products to business professionals across many industries. Dave studied business administration…

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