George W. Croner

George W. Croner

George W. Croner is a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, where he conducts original research and produces nonpartisan security analysis. His specialties include U.S. national security law, electronic surveillance, and U.S. foreign intelligence collection practices. Mr. Croner arrived at FPRI in 2018 after a distinguished career in…

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Rob Koenen

Rob Koenen

Rob Koenen is the Chief Marketing Officer of Boxed Water is Better®; the first national company to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles and aluminum cans. Rob is charged with expanding Boxed Water’s core message of “better for you…better for the planet.” Boxed Water Is Better is quickly…

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Veronica Stahl

Believe in yourself and your intuition. Forget about the naysayers.”   Dr. Veronica Stahl is an international expert and leader in the dental industry. She has delivered care and led teams of medical organizations that deliver optimum care for patients. Her expertise in the fields of implantology, endodontics, and restorative…

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Fabian Dudek – Founder of Nestpick

Fabian Dudek - Founder of Nestpick

[quote style=”boxed”]Do not make decisions about things you do not understand. If they are essential to the business, get someone in the business who covers that area.[/quote] Fabian Dudek, is the founder of Nestpick, a student housing platform that allows students to rent places from various accommodation providers online. He is…

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