Kenton Lee – Founder and Executive Director of Because International

Kenton Lee - Founder and Executive Director of Because International

Hard work. Hard work. Hard work. I am not the smartest or most charismatic. I rely on hard work. Kenton Lee is the 30 year-old Founder and Executive Director of Because International – a nonprofit organization committed to practical compassion. Their first project is something he invented called The Shoe That Grows – a shoe […]

Jeanne Kissman – Founder of PlumHill

Jeanne Kissman - Founder of PlumHill

Always send a ‘thank-you’ note to your customers and remember that they are the people who keep you in business. Jeanne Kissman is the founder of PlumHill pure body essentials. PlumHill is an all-natural skin care line that will take your skin from dry and chapped to fresh, glowing, and silky smooth! From bath and […]

Russ Stoddard – Co-Founder of Social Good Network

[quote style=”boxed”]…through creativity, design and a good programmer, you can truly change the world.[/quote] Russ Stoddard got bit with the entrepreneurial bug back in the lemonade stand days, and he hasn’t changed since. He has created five companies and helped start five nonprofits during his career, which spans jobs ranging from a whitewater river guide […]

Ryan Woodings – Founder and Chief Geek of MetaGeek

[quote style=”boxed”]Little bets. Test your ideas as quickly as possible before you’ve invested too much. This allows you to test more ideas to find the winners, and reduces the risk of spending all of your resources on a bad idea.[/quote] Ryan is the founder and chief geek of MetaGeek, LLC. After becoming frustrated with the […]

Brian Tooley – Founder of Driven Inc

After returning from my tour in Iraq (04 to 05) with the Army I wanted to create a vehicle that would serve inspire and uplift others. After some thought I came up with the idea to create a lifestyle apparel company that everyone could wear. No matter who you are or what your profession or […]

Bjorn Borstelmann – Inventor of the Tie Tee

When Bjorn Borstelmann invented the Tie Tee, a T-shirt with an attached necktie, he created a symbol for the kind of leaders the world desperately needs – ones that work for the betterment of the planet instead of merely profiting from its destruction. By commandeering the iconic shape of the necktie and attaching it to […]