Alec Whitters – Co-Founder & CEO of Higher Learning Technologies

I recommend reading several books a month, getting 5-6 mentors and then also doing it daily. Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Alec Whitters grew up thinking he would be a doctor or a dentist, but things changed just before graduation. During his 3rd year in dental school, he stumbling upon a problem preparing for his certification […]

John R. Stokka – CEO of DomiKnow

[quote style=”boxed”]So much of today’s marketing and technology is about finding the right customers and talking to them. [/quote] John R. Stokka is the CEO of DomiKnow, a company helping businesses easily grow using marketing solutions powered by a database of over 350 million US consumers. John is a marketing expert and a thought leader in […]

Josh Cramer – CEO and Founder of Cramer Development

[quote style=”boxed”]”…you don’t have to work a job you hate if you don’t want to. Find a job you love and do it.”[/quote] Josh Cramer launched Cramer Development in 2000, growing the company from humble beginnings in a small home office to a world-class web and mobile application development team. In addition to helping clients […]

Jerod Mollenhauer – Co-Founder of Venuefox

[quote style=”boxed”]Be coachable and passionate. Take advice from people who have been there before and from people who have failed. [/quote] Jerod Mollenhauer built a successful career in the insurance industry, receiving early promotions and increases in responsibility. He attributes this early success to hard work and discipline. At 19, he left school to work, […]

Brett Neese – Founder of Just Run

[quote style=”boxed”]If you continuously run small projects and experiments, and look deeply into what was both good and bad about them and learn from their outcomes, you can never truly fail; you’ll always have gained knowledge about what works and doesn’t.[/quote] Brett Neese is a 19-year-old tinkerer, builder, and developer. In high school, he interned […]