Anthony Clervi – VP of Growth at UNA Purchasing Solutions

Anthony Clervi - VP of Growth at UNA Purchasing Solutions

Be a voracious reader. Look for mentors who can help guide you. Anthony Clervi is the vice president of growth at UNA Purchasing Solutions. He’s a driven entrepreneur with a passion for people and relationship-building opportunities. With extensive experience in sales, marketing, and business consulting, Anthony provides consistent leadership and strategic direction for company success. […]

Pierre Barbeau – Co-founder and CEO of Moblico

Pierre Barbeau - Co-founder and CEO of Moblico

An entrepreneur’s initial instinct is to focus on the product, but it’s never too soon to start building thought leadership and market share for your brand. Pierre Barbeau is co-founder and CEO of Moblico, a leading mobile personalization and engagement platform. Mobile applications have revolutionized the way we communicate, behave, and interact, and mobile personalization […]

Brad Thies – Principal at Barr Assurance & Advisory

Run to your problems; don’t try to avoid them. Brad Thies is principal at Barr Assurance & Advisory Inc. (BARR), a full-service risk consulting and compliance firm that provides business performance, information technology, and assurance services to clients across a variety of industries. He specializes in helping clients assess, design, and implement processes and controls […]

Brock Stechman – Co-founder of DivvyHQ

[quote style=”boxed”]My favorite quote is by Corey Rudl: “Failure doesn’t just happen. It’s a decision.”[/quote] Brock Stechman is a brand builder, serial entrepreneur, and dad of two amazing little boys. His days are filled with a substantial amount of coffee and the thrill of working with amazing clients and an incredibly talented group of people. […]

Eric Schaumburg – Founder and CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]Meet people. Always follow up on an introduction and use the opportunity to explain yourself, polish your business idea, and see if you can be of any help to them.[/quote] Eric Schaumburg is the founder and CEO of, a B2B commerce and analytics platform for the trade show industry. creates a marketplace […]