Mike Honeywell – CMO of CivicPlus

Get to know the people you work with really well. Walk around, ask them what’s going on, listen to their answers, and make a point to encourage them whenever you can. Mike Honeywell is the CMO of CivicPlus, a complete solution provider for local governments that facilitates desired outcomes by helping align the right people, […]

Eric Schaumburg – Founder and CEO of Eventr.io

[quote style=”boxed”]Meet people. Always follow up on an introduction and use the opportunity to explain yourself, polish your business idea, and see if you can be of any help to them.[/quote] Eric Schaumburg is the founder and CEO of Eventr.io, a B2B commerce and analytics platform for the trade show industry. Eventr.io creates a marketplace […]

Jason Grill – Principal and Founder of JGrill Media

[quote style=”boxed”]Be a good listener and get involved in your community![/quote] Jason Grill has extensive experience in media relations, public affairs, public relations, government affairs, law and the media. He is the principal and founder of JGrill Media, LLC. A Kansas City based, but national consulting firm that specializes in media relations/pr, public affairs, government […]

Danny Wajcman – Co-Founder of Lucky Orange

[quote style=”boxed”]Take breaks and separate yourself from the business when appropriate — especially “after hours.”[/quote] Danny Wajcman is the co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Operations at Lucky Orange, the premier service for website optimization and improvement. Based out of Overland Park, Kan., Lucky Orange is a complete suite of tools for website optimization […]

Simran Sethi – Founder of Metamorphose

[quote style=”boxed”]I bring ideas to life by identifying what I can bring to a tension or challenge, finding the community of people who can support, teach and challenge me about said issue and putting in the sweat and tears to make my vision happen.[/quote] Simran Sethi is a journalist, strategist and educator committed to an […]

Kenon Thompson – Owner of Kenon Thompson Journalism and Photography

[quote style=”boxed”]Discover a way to make your business apparent to everyone around you, without saying a word.[/quote] Kenon Lamont Thompson, originally from Kansas City, Kansas, was born with a passion for everything that is considered “work” in his life. While his school background may display his passion for food, he is a diverse artist. Kenon […]

Andy Kallenbach – Founder of FormZapper

[quote style=”boxed”]Having a family isn’t a reason to not have a startup. If you have a good idea, along with the support of your family and the passion to take your idea somewhere, you should definitely do it.[/quote] Andy Kallenbach is the founder of FormZapper, an online forms management software solution. FormZapper is eco-friendly and […]

Kirk Hasenzahl – Co-Founder of RareWire

[quote style=”boxed”]If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. You’ve got to go get ‘em.[/quote] Kirk Hasenzahl, co-founder and CEO of RareWire, is a Kansas City native who has been married to his wife, Crissie, for 10+ years. He is currently living out his dream to be an entrepreneur and Little League coach for his […]

Jeff Hanson – Owner of Jeffrey Owen Hanson

[quote style=”boxed”]My hope is that you, too, will find joy in being generous and compassionate with others.[/quote] Jeff Hanson is an 18-year-old, visually impaired artist from Overland Park, Kansas. Born with a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis and an optic nerve tumor, Jeff shrugs off adversity by using abstract art to fundraise for charities that have […]

Todd Brabender – President of Spread The News PR

[quote style=”boxed”]Several times throughout the day I stop, sit up straight, and take several deep, cleansing breaths. It does wonders! Give it a whirl.[/quote] Todd Brabender is the president of Spread The News PR, Inc. His business specializes in generating widespread media exposure for innovative products, services and experts all over North America. For years, […]