Mike Honeywell – CMO of CivicPlus

Get to know the people you work with really well. Walk around, ask them what’s going on, listen to their answers, and make a point to encourage them whenever you can. Mike Honeywell is the CMO of CivicPlus, a complete solution provider for local governments that facilitates desired outcomes by helping align the right people, […]

Eric Schaumburg – Founder and CEO of Eventr.io

[quote style=”boxed”]Meet people. Always follow up on an introduction and use the opportunity to explain yourself, polish your business idea, and see if you can be of any help to them.[/quote] Eric Schaumburg is the founder and CEO of Eventr.io, a B2B commerce and analytics platform for the trade show industry. Eventr.io creates a marketplace […]

Jason Grill – Principal and Founder of JGrill Media

[quote style=”boxed”]Be a good listener and get involved in your community![/quote] Jason Grill has extensive experience in media relations, public affairs, public relations, government affairs, law and the media. He is the principal and founder of JGrill Media, LLC. A Kansas City based, but national consulting firm that specializes in media relations/pr, public affairs, government […]

Danny Wajcman – Co-Founder of Lucky Orange

[quote style=”boxed”]Take breaks and separate yourself from the business when appropriate — especially “after hours.”[/quote] Danny Wajcman is the co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Operations at Lucky Orange, the premier service for website optimization and improvement. Based out of Overland Park, Kan., Lucky Orange is a complete suite of tools for website optimization […]

Simran Sethi – Founder of Metamorphose

[quote style=”boxed”]I bring ideas to life by identifying what I can bring to a tension or challenge, finding the community of people who can support, teach and challenge me about said issue and putting in the sweat and tears to make my vision happen.[/quote] Simran Sethi is a journalist, strategist and educator committed to an […]