Jennifer LaRossa

Jennifer LaRossa

Jennifer E. LaRossa is one of the original owners of Morrison, LaRossa, Price & Iturrioz, Attorneys at Law, APC. She joined the firm as a partner in 1998 and was part of its’ operations for 6 years before she became a partner. Through this firm, Jennifer has more than 15…

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Jessica Maslin

Jennifer LaRossa

Jessica Maslin is the president and co-founder of Mieron VR, a virtual reality company based in Long Beach, California that has created a unique NeuroTherapy device that doctors and medical practitioners are using to help rehabilitate victims of spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, as well as those who suffer…

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Trevor Rappleye

Jennifer LaRossa

Don’t try and think of 10 ideas…Think of 1 you can implement TOMORROW. Baby steps here, baby steps.   Trevor Rappleye is the CEO and Founder of, a national video production firm that drives profit to businesses through story and emotion. loves the customer experience and making people…

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Amy Wan

Jennifer LaRossa

Understand that you are your own biggest critic. Work on your mental attitude, because is your greatest limiting factor.   Amy Wan is Founder & CEO of Sagewise, dispute resolution infrastructure for smart contracts. She has authored the Bloomberg Law practice guide to ICOs and Lexis Nexus’ Private Equity practice…

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Tonja Demoff

Jennifer LaRossa

Evaluate behaviors, sales skills, knowledge, style, strengths, weaknesses…. evaluate, evaluate, evaluate.   Tonja Demoff knows what it’s like to work her way to the top, fall back to the bottom, and work her way back up again. As a seasoned military member, accomplished real estate entrepreneur, and acclaimed motivational speaker,…

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