Matthew Muller

Matthew Muller

Matthew Muller is a Louisianan born and raised in New Orleans. He earned his undergraduate and his master’s degrees in American history from Louisiana State University before securing a job in the museum industry. While there, he quickly rose up from a volunteer position, to docent, to manager at the…

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Walter Morales

Matthew Muller

Walter Morales is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana Entrepreneur and Educator who has launched many businesses in the Finance and Education fields. Walter is a former Professor of Finance for Louisiana State University, and is currently on the Board of Directors for several companies in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Walter’s…

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Thomas Neyhart

Matthew Muller

Thomas Neyhart serves as CEO of PosiGen, a leading provider of residential solar PV and energy efficiency solutions. Founded in 2011, PosiGen’s mission is to make a positive financial impact on customers’ lives by providing green energy solutions to low-to-moderate income homeowners. PosiGen has helped more than 10,000 families in…

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Andre Bruni

Matthew Muller

Since 2001, Dr. Andre’ Bruni has provided patients with exceptional dental care centered around artistry, comfort and care. He and his wife Dr. Jessica Bruni have earned a reputation for trusted care and were voted by Baton Rouge Parents Magazine as Baton Rouge’s “Family Favorites” Dentist 4 years in a…

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Sean Carrigan

Matthew Muller

Sean is an entrepreneur at heart, helping launch two successful startups in only three years. After spending seven years in business development, sales and marketing within the publishing and media world, he wanted to take his knowledge and experience to create something new and innovative. Sean was on the launch…

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Mitch Chailland

Matthew Muller

Mitch Chailland graduated from the University of Houston and moved to New Orleans in 1992 to start working in the professional employer organization industry. Mitch started Canal HR in 2013 after spending 21 years learning as much as possible about the field. He is currently the President of Canal HR,…

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Chad Harris

Matthew Muller

Don’t be afraid to assess internally and check for complacency and analyze your shortcomings so you can learn from them.   Chad Everett Harris was born in California in 1969. Initially residing in Palos Verdes, California, he quickly became accustomed to moving frequently, having lived in Grosse Isle, Michigan, Atlanta…

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Hunter Finn

Matthew Muller

You can’t always control what happens to you in your lifetime, but you can always control how you respond.   Dr. Hunter Finn is a well-known veterinarian who is dedicated to helping both his patients and his humans live healthier lives. Originally from Alexandria, Louisiana, Dr. Finn is now based…

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Melissa Whitten

Matthew Muller

Don’t let failure defeat you. It’s just a lesson on how to do something better next time.   Melissa Whitten is an experienced content writer and editor. She created Written by Whitten to help B2B businesses connect with their audiences authentically and establish their expertise through custom, value-driven content. Written…

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Jeremy Rowe

Matthew Muller

Never give up, even when something goes wrong. Deal with it, fix it, and move on.   In his early career days, Jeremy Rowe started in the financial services business where he had four different insurance agencies until he left the industry in 2009. He decided it was time for…

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