Candy Dennis

Candy Dennis

I find my creative passion through real life experiences. I love to tell stories with my dance pieces and truly motivate audiences to feel the passion behind our stories.   Candy Dennis is an inspiring entrepreneur who has successfully owned and operated her dance studio for the past 16 years….

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Shankar Rajendran

Candy Dennis

Without a solid team, it is difficult, if not impossible, to get anything done!   Shankar Rajendran completed his engineering degree in computer science in Hydrebad, India. Upon graduation, Shankar completed additional computer courses to improve his knowledge in Chennai, India while working as a software developer. After gaining a…

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Michael L. Taylor

Candy Dennis

Listening to the needs and desires of others can point to new opportunities. Entrepreneurs need to understand their target markets, and by listening, many potential solutions are revealed.   Michael L. Taylor is a man with a broad range of experiences and talents, covering the spectrum from international security assessments…

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James Yanyuk

Candy Dennis

Every one of us on this planet runs on the same 24 hour clock. What we do with our time defines us.   James Yanyuk is an American entrepreneur, born in 1995 who graduated University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) Commonwealth Honors College. James graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of…

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John Yanni Alphas

Candy Dennis

Be your own person, be self-sufficient, and find the right job where you can excel and prosper. Most important, do not be afraid to work hard to achieve your goals.   John Yanni Alphas is a 1982 graduate of Boston University School of Management. This successful entrepreneur wasn’t born with…

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David Ariagno

Candy Dennis

In the professional world, there may not be anybody there to hold your hand through a process or stay on top of you to see a project to completion the way teachers and parents do in grade school. There’s really something to be said for employees who get stuff done…

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Natalie Nathanson

Candy Dennis

Remember the power and benefit of collaboration.   Natalie Nathanson is a tech sector entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, technology and the entrepreneurial spirit. With over 15 years of marketing experience, she has worked extensively with startups, small and mid-sized firms across the tech sector to drive towards company…

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