Karin Ross

Karin Ross

What defines a successful entrepreneur is someone who is able to stand up— over and over again— after a downturn.   Karin Ross is a perfectionist with an eye for detail. It’s served her well as an interior designer and owner/CEO of Karin Ross Designs. She’s been reinventing and reimagining homes in…

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Loriana Sekarski

Karin Ross

Don’t “fake it ’til you make it” — instead, be transparent and vulnerable. People will connect with your honesty and openness, and you’ll feel happier being yourself.   Loriana Sekarski is founder and president of BONSAI, a consulting company that shapes leaders (and businesses) into the most accomplished, successful version…

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Michael Kiel

Karin Ross

Write down your goals, and find an accountability partner. Write down your ideas, and organize them in terms of effort.   Michael Kiel is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for boating and online marketing. He is the founder and captain of the startup Boat Planet, an online marketplace for connecting boat…

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Gina Baldwin

Karin Ross

Don’t overschedule yourself. Focus on what matters most. Spend less time or reschedule those tasks which can wait.   Gina Baldwin is a licensed Speech Pathologist with over 30 years’ experience. Helping people with their speech and communication is her passion. Gina designed and created APP2Speak™, drawing on her vast…

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Zac Rinehart

Karin Ross

You can’t teach people to have passion, but you can encourage them to dig within themselves to find what drives them.   Zac Rinehart grew up as a farm boy in Iowa. He was born into a family of thoroughbred salesmen, all classically trained from GE (General Electric), known to…

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Rick DeStefane

Karin Ross

Without integrity, you do not have anything despite your skill or experience level. The same goes for health. Without health, everything else fails.   Building a transformative business starts with finding a gap in the market. Entrepreneurs who implement the right systems and culture — who imbue their businesses with…

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Ronna Moore

Karin Ross

Fear of failure leads to procrastination and accomplishes nothing. Just move forward and let action kill the doubt.   Ronna Moore is the founder and CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Fairy Homes and Gardens, a boutique ecommerce fairy garden miniatures retailer that offers everything from inspiration to execution on designs….

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Clint Haynes

Karin Ross

Be completely transparent. The financial services industry has had a bad reputation for years – rightfully so – for hidden fees. I wanted to be the complete opposite and be as transparent as possible so clients know exactly what they’re paying and what they’re receiving.   Clint Haynes is a…

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Anne Brackett

Karin Ross

Building something meaningful – whether it be a business, a relationship, your health, whatever – takes time. You can’t rush it because you want it now.   Anne has worked in Higher Education for almost 20 years. She is passionate about helping people – especially students – grow and develop…

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