Simon Slade – CEO of Doubledot Media Limited

I recommend everyone join me in following the entrepreneurial recipe: Build it, test it, learn from it, fix it. Then rinse and repeat as fast as possible! Simon Slade, CEO of Doubledot Media Limited, founded the company in 2005 with Mark Ling, director at Doubledot Media. In this role, Slade oversees the strategic direction of the […]

Dave Turnbull – Co-founder of Chrometoaster

Dave Turnbull is the director of creative technology at Chrometoaster, an award winning New Zealand based interactive design and brand agency he co-founded nearly two decades ago. Dave initially studied photography at the Wellington School of Design, aiming to enter the local film industry. Throughout university Dave moonlighted as a projectionist, ultimately working as the […]

Justin Flitter – Asia Pacific Manager at Zendesk

Just Flitter is a Customer Advocate and BDM for Zendesk, a SaaS Helpdesk solution. He is passionate about customer service and the experience people have when engaging with brands online. He says “opening the doors to conversations with your customers is the best marketing tool. Stronger relationships retain customers and increase earnings.” Justin grew up […]