Wayne Shulick

Wayne Shulick is a self-made successful serial entrepreneur located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wayne has a long history of business creation and development in numerous industries such as fashion, nightlife, curating, and investment. Wayne is a street CEO currently focusing on business opportunities in nightlife, fashion, and pet products post corona…

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Cynthia Cuccuini

Cynthia Cuccuini has been a real estate entrepreneur for over ten years. Her specialties include rental properties, flipping houses, lease options, and land contracts. Collectively as a real estate agent, she has bought and sold hundreds of properties in multiple states. Cynthia is also the founder of Hey Rich Girl,…

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Francine Griesing

Perception is reality. If nobody sees things the way you do, then even if you are convinced you are right, that may not be the case.   Fran Griesing is the founder of Griesing Law, LLC, a woman owned law firm based in Philadelphia, with offices in New York and…

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Marc Persson

Organization and communication skills are key to productive office operations.   As a dedicated and dynamic doctor with an extraordinary passion for helping and healing patients in using holistic and the least invasive techniques possible, Dr. Marc Persson opened Perssonal Health Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in 2006. He has three locations…

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Chris Wallace

I talk to a lot of small business owners, consultants, agencies, and technology companies to learn about what they are facing and to see how our services compare. I am always looking to provide offerings that complement our core services so we can add additional value to clients and prospects….

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