Zach Robbins – Founder and CEO at Leadnomics

Zach Robbins - Founder at Leadnomics

Question everything, and seek deeper understanding of the motivations behind your company’s purpose, what your customers need, and what makes your team happy. You can always find ways to improve over the baseline. Zach Robbins is an entrepreneur, whose lifelong interest in advertising, data, and technology led him to found Leadnomics, a digital marketing and […]

Robin Lickliter – Senior Vice President at Sparks

Lead by example, be a team player, and exercise accountability. Robin Lickliter is the senior vice president of events at Sparks, a global brand experience agency. Robin has been with Sparks for more than 10 years, and in that time, she’s established events as a full-service offering. She’s responsible for leading the event division, overseeing […]